Wednesday, May 9, 2012

girl in water, woman and wavy hair, the beginning...

She's scary, isn't she?

She scares me and i'm the one who drew her. :-)

I'm posting her anyway because i believe
flawed art is still better than no art. 

This little wavy haired woman was done right after the girl in the water,
and it's a work in progress.
In BIC marker and acrylic paints.

These kinds of doodles are always so meditative for me.

The quote you see on the left is one that i love
by J.R.R. Tolkien...

Not all who wander are lost

and working on some of the worksheets.

I'll tell you a little secret about myself.

i am not a goal oriented person. 
At all.

So whenever i see someone with calendars
or a strategic 5 year plan on their wall
my heart starts to palpitate.
It just all seems far too mechanical for me.

I'm just saying.

It's just not who i am.

For those of you who can fly with 5 year plans on their walls,
more power to you!

I've never been good at setting goals for myself
and yet,
i've accomplished most of what i set out to do,

through passion

and determination

and perseverance

and courage

and work.

Oh, and love is important too.

If you don't love what you're doing
chances are good you may meet the deadline
but you'll still feel empty inside
and almost always drained at the end of the day.

I know. I've been there. It's not a good feeling.

Danielle Laporte gently asks this question in her book:
how do you want to feel?

An important question, wouldn't you say?

Once i thought about this for a while,
i realized that one of the most important values for me
is freedom.

Maybe i really am a hippie at heart. :-)

I want to feel free more than anything,
which probably explains why i've always struggled 
with the 9 to 5 job.
I've done it, for years, but i never strived there.

I was trading my freedom for financial reward,
and that just wasn't cutting it for me.
There had to be another way.

There was another way.
i just had to claim it as my own. 

When i walked on the beach last weekend,
in this one spot on the sand,
there had been a bonfire there the night before.

Out of the ashes, i saw this one piece of paper...

and these 2 words made me smile.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday.


  1. I actually like the blue lady. She is more reflective than scary to my eyes. Reflecting the water, yes, but also reflective as in staring into nowhere... thinking...recalling... On a technical note: i really like the cross hatching!

  2. I like the blue lady you know... intense is good and I am impressed you are doing this reading... goals are scary scary things and I am a coward at heart so I avoid them... but freedom is a perfect goal... and that piece of paper is very very cool... almost a sign, ok well it is a sign I am sure, but you know what i meant...xx

  3. Hip, hip... hooray!!
    Such empowering words, love it Pauline. :]
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration, always.
    I simply adore how you illustrate them with a story. ((hugs))
    Enjoy my visits every time...
    take care, reach for the sky!!

  4. The woman emerging (? Looks that way to me) from the water is a haunting image. Combined with the piece of paper you found... hmm, maybe something new (beginning) is about to emerge in your life?! I like to set goals, but I am also realistic enough to allow them to shift from time to time. :-)

  5. The woman emerging (? Looks that way to me) from the water is a haunting image. Combined with the piece of paper you found... hmm, maybe something new (beginning) is about to emerge in your life?! I like to set goals, but I am also realistic enough to allow them to shift from time to time. :-)

  6. What a beautiful and inspiring post. Love your art!!

  7. Great post! I laughed with your "she scares me" comment! And I love the comment from JR! Very inspiring post. New follower here!

  8. I had to laugh out loud, I just drew a scary one too the other night! That is pretty cool that you found that piece of paper with those words!a sign:)
    I am not one to plan, I wing it all the time. Deep down I know its really the only way to keep order in my life and get the noise out of my head. ah,stubborn:/

  9. Love the girl with the long flowing hair and beautiful colors. She makes me feel alive. I realize that I am very goal oriented and I can't seem to change that. So I've decided not to. I have lots of freedom and time now but realize I want goals to reach for. So I'm setting them again after trying so hard to be someone I am not. It is all a continous learning experience for me.

    I love how you help me to think and reflect. Thank you.

  10. Well, if that isn't a sign!!
    Growing up, my father always defined success as: "The ability to do what you want, when you want." In other words, freedom! I so agree with you - although I am somewhere between a 5 year plan and flying by the seat of my pants, lol!
    AND I LOVE your "scary" girl! I mean, totally love her. The hatching and details with brown pen and blue accents are really appealing. (So there! ;) xoxo

  11. Thank you all so much for the kind words. You all make blogging such a pleasure for me.
    Hey, whether we plan or not, set goals or not - doesn't matter much, does it? As long as we're all doing what comes naturally.
    Fran: i know those voices... :-)
    Ginny: i'm sure you're perfect just as you are.
    Kristin: so sweet.... and your father sounds like a wise man to me. xoxo

  12. The blue woman is definitely not flawed, she is either scared or tentative, but very interesting. makes the viewer think and that is good art. Perhaps she had a bad day and has gone into the sea to relax and after a while she'll feel so much better.

  13. Hmmm, well, I love this post AND I've been thinking of you lately, because well, I'm really a hippy at heart as well and am all about freedom. AND I've just landed myself a full-time JOB! Hmmm!

    Needless to say I am somewhat conflicted. Financially, I tell myself, that this is what I need. And in some ways, I know that it is.

    If I want to take voice lessons, I need money to do that. If I want to purchase a new instrument, well that also requires some cash. Luckily, I do actually love the work (with children) that I will be doing. And it doesn't start until September, so I have some time to adjust to the, well, loss of some of my freedom.

    Love the creepy water girl!

  14. Make that;
    The Creepy Water Girl

  15. oh Karmacoy... the job you got may take away SOME freedom on the one hand, but it's going to allow you another kind of freedom on the other hand (voice lessons, instruments, etc.). And maybe you'll love it? You'll be working with little free souls (children!) so maybe it won't feel like it's that much of a trade off for you after all. Who better to teach us about freedom than children? Go for it. If you hate it, you always have the choice to leave and find another way to get those voice lessons. ;-) Congrats, girl. xoxo

  16. Yes, You are a wise one! That is pretty much the way I have been looking at it too! Plus it is a chance for adventure! Being with children always multiplies ones adventure potential!!