Thursday, May 17, 2012

obsolete world, Giving hARTS and funny book

i LOVE surprises in the mail.

Well, ok, this one wasn't a total surprise,
since i'm the one who bought it on ETSY a few weeks ago.

i love the work of Jeannie L. Paske,
from Obsolete World

I bought this cute little print a few weeks ago called
Flight of the recently departed.

Isn't it gorgeous?
Watercolor, charcoal, pastel and ink.

Some things just speak to us louder than others.
This was one of those things.

And she sent these other lovely things
along with the print.

So precious and kind of her...

On another note,
I did this one last night, 
to be donated to a charity for cancer.

Not quite done, but i thought i'd post anyway.

And on yet another note!
(just cause i don't want anyone to get bored here)...

this cute little drawing was given to me a while back,
by a little boy in the 3rd or 4th grade, 
when i was doing an art project with children
 in the local elementary schools.

So precious, isn't it?

I was so amazed 
at how little encouragement they needed
to get all excited about art,
and reach for the stars.

For many of them,
you just knew in your heart
that they heard more criticism at home
than praise.

I made sure to tell them every day
that they were all fabulous artists
and important to the world.

On the last day,
many of them gave me little drawings like this one,
and despite the misspelled name,
i love these little drawings
as much as the prints i buy on ETSY. :-)

ok, so let's end this one with a bang,
shall we?

I got this in the mail yesterday
from a great friend.

A cute little book with vintage photos and text
that had me laughing all morning.

Yeah, i think we should all have cocktails,
does everyone agree?


  1. I loved them all!! :):)
    It's great fun getting things in the mail--even when you picked them out. ;)

  2. It is such a treat I have given MYself to have your posts come into my Google Reader. I enJOY each one and this one, well, let's just say it touched me extra specially. What you share about the kids is something I am presently experiencing a LOT of this month when 2 or 3 mornings each week I get to DO a collage activity with 1st to 5th graders. It is pure JOY to fill them up with encouragement and awe at what they DO, always far BEyond what I've imagined...

    You make me think. You make me smile. And you often make me laugh out loud sitting here just me with myself!! That's great any day.

    Thanks for your generosity Pauline, I am thriving in it!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Obsolete World. I love her work :).

    So glad you have the opportunity to be around young artists. Their enthusiasm feeds the soul :).

    Stay inspired!

  4. Wow the art your received is amazing! And I especially love the child's art. Your painting is wonderful and it is so nice to hear that you've donated it! Do they have an auction of some sort? Its just great and I love the little wings:) Art mail is the best. I am partaking in a postcard swap with five others this month. Lots of fun getting mail, since most of what I get is just junk these days.

  5. Cocktails all the way baby! I'll have a Mojito thanks.

    I know what you mean about the drawings given to you by children you've taught; I used to be a teacher and it always melted my heart when they gave me their work. Especially ones with spelling mistakes. :)

  6. Rita, your comments always make me smile. :-)

    Currie Silver, you're always so thoughtful... your words are so kind.

    Michelle, i knew you'd love her. And yes, totally agree re: children feeding the soul.

    Frances, i'd love to do that postcard swap some day. Ahhh...some day. :-) And yes, the donation is for the Giving hARTS Charity in PA.

    Tara, i knew you were a intelligent and patient woman who enjoys a good cocktail now & then. xoxo