Saturday, May 12, 2012

abstract, the great North, pheasant in the yard

Ahhhh... Saturdays. 

Don't you love them?
Especially rainy Saturdays.

I try my hand at abstract now and then
but it almost always ends up looking like something.
Usually flowers...

Always so meditative though. 

I saw this quote the other day
and loved it:

Modern art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn't
(Craig Damrauer)

Then it was time for a National Geographic portrait,
and this guy begged my attention,
for whatever reason.

the tattoo?

the lovely hair?

the gun?


 it's the feeling of FREEDOM. 

Sitting in a canoe in a wide open space.

My kinda guy.

Acrylic paint on sheet music...
although there's very little music on this one.

a bit more detail...

And voilà.

I was obviously tired by the end of this one.
Check out the claw hands... ;-)

oh well.
It is what it is.

a little visitor in our yard this morning...
always so beautiful.

Life is all about balance, isn't it?

We find time for work,

for family,

for chores,

for friends,

for Facebook

for entertainment,

for appointments,

for making meals,

and preparing lunch boxes...

and yet,
 why is it still so difficult for so many of us
who are artists at heart
to make time to practice our art?
Do we consider it frivolous?

Do we consider it less important
than real work
like doing the dishes
or cutting the lawn
or putting in a wash load?


I'm quite comfortable
with dirty dishes in the sink.
They'll get done eventually.

But i am not comfortable
with going days without making art.

I believe it is so important as artists
to give ourselves at least a bit of time each day
to practice our art.

Putting paint to canvas.

Creating a melody.

Writing a poem.

Developing a dance.

Making a sculpture...

The world needs more right brained people.
Really - it does.

What if your painting
is the one who inspires someone else
to become a full fledged artist?

What if the song you write
touches someone and
makes them want to pursue the passionate life
of a musician or a songwriter?

So in reality, you're not only creating your art,
but you're creating opportunities
for other little art hearts out there.

Leave it to me to give your art purpose,
dammit. ;-)

How we spend our days is, of course,
how we spend our lives.
(Annie Dillard)


  1. Wise words again! :-) My guess is that making art is somehow perceived as "unproductive" work in this left-brained dominated world. But as you rightly pointed out, we'll never know how far our art reaches; sometimes just the act of creating something gives others courage enough to try it out for themselves.

  2. Loving your wonderful artwork. The first one doesn't look like flowers to me but people, loads of them. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Pauline, The painting is beautiful esp with what you wrote with it...the freedom part :) Your words are so intense. I create art almost everyday...I wouldn't call it practice as it's not practice but I need to do it:)

  4. Gorgeous work..beautiful art..and powerful words! I paint and play music every is just a natural part of me and my existence and I love that..and I allow it to fully express! i think we should definately make "acts of creation" is why we are here!!
    Beautiful post..always full of wisdom and empowerment and your beautiful spirit Pauline! pure magic!!

  5. You've had a busy day. Lovely abstract.

  6. you have a great sense of structure and I will look beyond the claw hands because the colour and tone in the face is soooo perfect... just wonderful...xx

  7. I love everything about this post, your art, your thoughts, the quote and the pheasant!

  8. Not only are you creating opportunities you are creating possible dreams!!! Wonderful pensive post as usual! Love your beautiful the gun. Not a gun person at all. I love how it turned out though, colorful and soft!! Love the poem much meanings in your posts!! You really are amazing...thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I like your abstract. I reallllly struggle with abstracts. The man looks great too - I see now claws for hands. I think you handled them wonderfully loosely. His face is SO well done. About making time to paint... my problem is that I'd rather paint than feed the hungry tribe around my table! I did teach them to do their own laundry... and that was creative time gained for me. SO I guess I have to be thankful for that and still feed them? ;-)

  10. Yes, this is so true... "FINDING" time to create.
    Why do we search, for something we belong to do...? Puzzles me...
    Great post, Pauline!!!
    Always got me thinking, you are truly inspiring. ((hugs))

  11. Yes one never knows how far art or even the written word reaches others now and in the future.

  12. Pauline - You are so wise - creating even just a little every day gives my soul a tease of joy - so I'll take whatever I can get. By the way, I didn't even notice his hands - his face is so intense and awesome that I didn't look around...I just thought about freedom.

  13. You can obviously do abstract and life art very well. Clever!

  14. Happy PPF!
    I love the painting of the man in the canoe. I have such a hard time with hands, yours look great to me. :)
    I often have dishes and laundry waiting for me. I have to paint as much as I can. I love what you wrote, thank you for sharing.

  15. Hello Pauline, I haven't visited for some time so have really enjoyed catching up with all you've been doing of late. I think your abstracts are excellent, the shapes seem to make sense and communicate on another sphere. I feel the same as you, the importance of creating something every day is great, it centres me and flushes out all kinds of feelings and thoughts kept inside, it's a release and feels good! So I say that's more important too than a pristine house or what not!
    Have a great week Pauline and thanks for sharing all your creations with us, always a pleasure to visit.

  16. When I saw your abstract I saw a crowd of people at a party talking and enjoying drinks together. Your canoe man is stunning- love all the purples in it!

  17. I love what you wrote! It's really important to make time.I actually stopped devoting so much of my time to Facebook. ITs hard but now I go on once a day, sometimes once every other day! I am really happy about that. Also work can really complicate things but I try try try to do some art everyday. Thank you so much for reminding me and keeping that at the forefront of my mind. BTW his hands are fine:))
    That Annie Dillard quote is a keeper!

  18. I find that I put chores before art when I'm feeling stuck. I know how to do the dishes, I don't always know what to do next in my art. I've actually been feeling that way lately...which explains why my house is so clean!

  19. Thank you all so much for the comments...
    Annette and Carolyn: after i read your comment (about seeing a crowd of people in my abstract), i saw them too! Now I see people and flowers. :-)
    Lori: seeing you here always brings a smile to my face.
    eradart: i totally understand what you're saying. There is room for both art and the dishes - and the art will still be there when you're ready. ;-)
    Thank you all so much for sharing a bit of yourselves in your comments... we're all facing the same challenges when it comes to making time for art. I'm happy to be part of a community that makes art such a priority.

  20. Oh Pauline, you wise, wise woman. And talented and gorgeous too! Who needs to do dishes when you're just so darn wonderful! Thanks so much for the beautiful paintings and the sadly necessary reminder to just get on with it already! xx

  21. oh goodness, I am freaking out over this guy. You're so amazing! You have captured the mood perfectly and it is just technically awesome! I am in awe. And the music behind his head is great!

  22. Great post and painting. I love your abstract. Originally abstract referred to a real life object, abstracted, so if your work brings real things to mind, I'd say you're right on track. I like your philosophy, too. It's been my new philosophy this past year of artistic rebirth. My only regret is not having the courage to do it sooner.

  23. Great post! I agree, artists need time to 'create' something. It's in our blood! ;) Your first painting is so pretty, I thought it was a sheet of scrapbook paper at first. Love the colors. The second, love the process by the way, is wonderful! I love your shading. I didn't notice his hands looking like claws though. :) Love this post!