Sunday, February 1, 2015

winter wonderland. Yes. Still.

We got another snowstorm yesterday,
so before doing anything this morning,
i made a good pot of coffee,
and found my way to my little blue room
for a quick sketch.
It's supposed to be a self portrait,
but i see no resemblance at all...
Maybe portraits first thing in the morning
are not the greatest idea for me.
I see a bored librarian.
Or a pissed off Walmart employee. 
Either way, i want to do
a self portrait a day for a month,
on small index cards
so it doesn't feel too overwhelming.
15 or 20 minutes per drawing, that's it.
Some are no doubt gonna be crappy,
but i'm curious to see how different
the SAME face will be in the course of a month.
I think it all depends on how different I FEEL
on each given day.

I love this quote by Picasso:

Painting is a blind man's profession.
He paints not what he sees,
but what he feels,
what he tells himself 
about what he has seen.
An then, i looked outside to see
last night's damage from the storm...
Welcome to winter in eastern Canada. ;-)
Thankfully, the plows came rolling in 
before too long...
It always kills me how rushed everyone seems
to go out after a snowstorm,
when the only place they really want to go
is to Tim Horton's for coffee.
Beautiful blue skies today...
cold, but nice.
I took these photos just a little while ago,
before the sun set.
 I may be risking a death threat by saying this,
but I just love the snowdrifts...
How beautiful is this?
Those were the actual colours 
as the sun set...
no added filters here.
There were actually pinks
and purples and deep blues...
So much beauty around us, 
if we only bother to notice it.
They're not the greatest shots,
cause I shot them with my cheapo camera
and I was freezing my ass off out there,
but still, you get the sense of how pretty it can be, right?
I'm sure there are things as beautiful
in your part of the world,
but I just wanted to share with you, mine.
Wishing you all
a wonderful week ahead.
May your days be filled with green lights
good music, and warm socks.


  1. A self-portrait a day for a month - super cool idea!! Are you going to link up to the 29 faces challenge??

    1. Yes Michelle, i will link up with 29 faces in February!! i hadn't thought about it (and they may think me conceited to be doing 29 selfies!) but hey, they're still faces, right? Hope you've been well. I'll see you at 29 faces! I DO hope you're doing it! It won't be the same without you. ;-) xx

  2. Hi Pauline. Happy New Year my dear friend (I feel it in my bones- hence, I shall consider you my friend). First of all thank you for the list of books you had recommended on one of your December posts. I was in Philadelphia when I read it and lo and behold managed to buy some of the books that very same day! I LOVE 'Writing down the bones' and can't have enough of 'Bird by Bird'. I am all fired up to write a little every day now.
    I would love to see your self-portraits- brilliant idea.
    Your snow shots are stunning and strangely not too dissimalr to how the sun transforms the sand dunes of Qatar just before it sets.
    Sending you lots of love and warmth...enjoy the coffee:) xx

    1. oh Arti, you certainly ARE a dear friend to me... I'm glad you were able to buy a few of those books & that you are enjoying them as much as i have. I still pick up "bird by bird" every now and then & it gets me as pumped up as you about writing. So inspirational. It's true that the image of our snow is probably very similar to an image of the sand in Qatar! The setting sun casts such beautiful shadows, whether it be on snow or sand. ;-) Take care of yourself Arti. I'll be visiting your blog soon. xx

  3. Oh wow your snow drifts are incredible. What takes. Oh,oh.