Tuesday, August 20, 2013

dark clouds and blue moons

There was a star riding through clouds one night,
and I said to the star, "Consume me".
- Virginia Woolf, The Waves
I've become obsessed with clouds lately...
maybe because i'm indoor most of the day now
and i'm that much more impressed with the sky.
 ...and how can one not be impressed
with a sky like this one?
I took this last week, when they were forecasting
severe thunder storms,
although we ended up getting nothing
but a few raindrops and extreme beauty.
i can see why people used to think
the gods were angry whenever skies like these developed...
it's pretty impressive to look up & see this.

...i loved this distinct line in the sky...
dark against light.
light against dark.
and these unexplainable, beautiful blobs of scattered light.
I took this photo from outside,
so i'm not really sure what the light is all about.

I smile as i remember what my teenage son gave me as an explanation:

I found this feather earlier this week
during my walk.
...and an empty notebook, 
just waiting for words.
some old art (since i have nothing new these days)...
Here's to howling at the blue moon tonight.

And here's to all of you and your thoughtful comments.
Thank you
for taking the time
to let me know you're out there - listening.

(one of my favorite songs these days)...


  1. These skies are so dramatic. love these shots. I love watching the sky too.

  2. Love the skies and the feather which is particularly lovely. I constantly bring home feathers that I find - something quite fascinating about them.

  3. Such fantastic clouds! I love to watch clouds and take pictures of them, too. Your feather find is terrific - such cool markings!

  4. Lovely dramatic skies! I have to admit that I've taken more photos of the sky since I bought Photoshop - they make great layers.

  5. Hi!!!! I have missed you. Hope you are well, Pauline. Thank you so much for visiting! Yes, a grandma I will be, in January!! I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer vacation...and now the shortness of breath returning when I think of it ending. I have been learning, reading, meditating, and really trying this summer to overcome the negative work feelings...we'll see. I freaked out inside yesterday...! What's new with you? hugs, kath

  6. PS. I am such a skywatcher! Your cloud shots are awesome!!!

  7. Fabulous sky!! I miss clouds like that from my prairie childhood, we just don't get them like that on the west coast. Hope you're well. xx

  8. Wow, those clouds are really impressive! And I love your howling to the moon piece ♥

  9. I am always looking for you on here and then I miss you how can that be... I am here now and the cloud are gorgeous...my kids are cloud obsessed too as are many around the world on instagram...

    Love your howler even if it is old art...good to see you here on occasion...not going to lie....it makes me happy!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. What great cloud captures! They are amazing...don't even look like sky anymore, just something otherworldly. Found you on Show and Tell Saturday.