Thursday, June 27, 2013

is that a bee i hear? Why yes George, it is a bee... i believe summer must be here!

Hello friends.
It's been too long...

I've made little time for art or blogging lately.
It's finally summer here.
Need i say more? :-)

Like most everyone,
I've been busy with so many other things,
like hanging out with my son,
working (who had the bright idea that working 5 days/week was reasonable?),
watching movies,
treasured time with friends,
graduation ceremonies,
spending time with dad,
doing summer stuff, like sitting on the front porch
with iced tea on warm evenings,
or walking on the beach with my toes in the sand...
and of course,
drinking wine and eating chocolate.

Not necessarily in that order...

i am really itching to paint something - to make art,
but i seem to have little energy left by the time evening rolls around.

Must be a case of the cubicles. :-)

Being surrounded by grey walls for 8 hours
would zap the energy out of anyone.

So tonight, a few minutes ago, 
i did this quick pastel - 
just to get my hands & fingers dirty again.

Found this little deck of cards in mom's things...
it doesn't surprise me that she would have this.
Mom always knew exactly what she needed.

And earlier tonight, i was visited by my dear friend, Lucille...
who brought me this wonderful gift for my birthday earlier this week.
She could not have picked out a better gift.
It's filled with beautiful art
and thought provoking questions.
Two of my favorite things in life.

Now if only it somehow contained
little hidden pieces of chocolate...
Rainn Wilson is the guy who plays "Dwight Schrute" on the OFFICE
for all you tv buffs out there.

i can't wait to go through this book...
how can you not love such a book
when it's filled with both creativity and questions?

my little Einstein quote,
pushing me along... 

and a video of Lhasa de Sela, singing Fool's Gold,
a song that still grows on me to this day.

She died about a year later... at the tender age of 37.
Gone too soon.

Thanks for being here,
especially considering how little i've been here lately... 


  1. I'm in winter here, but I'd be on your front porch drinking wine and eating chocolate (not necessarily in that order) and looking at your great yellow flowers) :)))

  2. So glad you back and that you got your pastels out to paint. It sounds like you have been busy doing many of the things that make each day special. Can you brighten your cubicle with your wonderful art?

  3. Summer is meant to be such a laid back, relaxing time and yet we seem to fill it with activity -- to being outdoors, to being with friends, to soaking up the weather. Maybe it's because we have to spend so much time indoors during the winter months. But I hear you -- it's chock full of "stuff".

    I'm not a fan of The Office or Rainn Wilson in particular but that book looks amazing. I think I'll have to check it out!!

    Here's to summer...and little pieces of chocolate along the way! xo

  4. Oh yay! There she is! Glad to hear you're fitting in some of the Good Stuff around the whole cubicle situation. {Maybe you could put art up in yours to keep the energy up and inspiration going?} Hugs xxx

  5. you share with such heart and generosity. happy birthday!! xoxo

  6. hey lovely lady! glad to hear you're keeping busy...even if it's with things a bit different than usual. i know i'm having a hard time sitting in front of the computer (after work) as well--there's too much great summer light to be staring at a screen!! i hope it brings out the muse for you. xx

  7. How the heck did I miss this post?? Seems to happen a lot...must be the time difference... Glad you are enjoying your summer in the sand, watching movies, drinking wine and lemonade! I miss you.... hope you are well!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Hey Pauline -
    I've been missing you but totally get how summer is a such a busy time!! I can relate to how working can really cut into a gal's creative time - Hugs!

  9. Just popped in to say I miss your sage self!! In other words I miss your fabulous art an brain!! Hope you are well, and happy!!

    Hugs Giggles