Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sharing me...

Some things about me that you may not know...

I am afraid sometimes -
of failure
of success
of not being good enough
of not being enough
of not wanting enough
of settling
of not living fully.

I sometimes lack faith in myself
in others
in the universe
in the natural flow of things.

I savor the little things in life
like my toes in the sand,
the way coffee tastes first thing in the morning,
the sun on my face,
the way the breeze blows in my window at night,
the birds in the distance,
the smell of grass after rain
the way the clouds glide across the sky,
or paint glides across the canvas.

But there is rarely a day
where I don’t also savor
the disappointments
the doubts
the dashed hopes
and neglected dreams.

I take it all in
because to deny one or the other
would only take me further away
from my truth.

There is a balance
between bliss and sadness
and this is where my heart resides,
never totally in one or the other.

I think about death sometimes
and why so many of us
are more concerned about the afterlife
than this one life we have right here, right now.
I think about suffering
and sacrifice
and why so many hearts
still feel unloved.

Sometimes, I am afraid
of my own voice
and what it wants to say.
What it says about me.
I am afraid of how I may be judged
if I let it speak its truth.

And then I remind myself
of the importance of expression
of shared stories
shared ideas
shared love…

I love old photographs
and quiet walks in the woods
and the ocean
and solitude.

I hate intolerance
and gossip
and abuse of any kind.

I hate that so many on this planet
still lack clean water
and still starve to death.

I hate that our laptops
get more attention
than our loved ones.

It makes me sad
that so many of us
have lost the ability
to believe in ourselves,
in our own strength,
in our own path,
and we look to others
to tell us how to live our own truths,
when all we really need
is within.

I love that I share this space
with kind beings
with giving hearts
and selfless souls
who dedicate their lives to spreading hope,
and creating change
and making this world a better place
one person at a time,
one little thing at a time.

The secret of life
is all in the little things.


  1. This poem is beautiful, and it expresses so much. I'm so glad I found your blog through 'Giggles', and I love your drawings. I'll be back!

  2. You inspire me in many ways, that BEing something you may NOT know about me... I felt that the very first time I "met" you through CED.

    For a long time, too, I would get you and someone else mixed up in my head. I suppose this comes of knowing people by their art and their writing and NOT by their face or their voice or how they feel in the same room. I have had this tendency for as long as I have been "meeting" people here in the wondrously weird world instead of face to face. I still occasionally think of a whole other person when I think of one of my dearest friends I met online then in person and have since moved to the same area where she lives. [I suppose that is due to the long time that grows up BEtween seeing one another...]

    When I write my Gratitude Practise each morning and share it, I feel a lot like I felt as I read your post. Like I am tipping myself over and pouring myself out.

    I am honoured and deLIGHTed to BE knowing more about you. Thank you so very much for your generous sharing...

  3. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you :).

    "Always celebrate the small successes to build confidence for tackling the bigger challenges."

    Stay inspired!

  4. Beautifully written, Pauline! xo

  5. WOW... nothing else to say... just wow!!!!

  6. A lovely post, Pauline. Thanks for sharing. ♥

  7. Oh Pauline, you beautiful, beautiful soul. Such a lovely expression of emotions. xx

  8. This was absolutely beautiful, Pauline! Life is all about balance. This world is filled with darkness and light, so I think you are right on track not forgetting either. ;)

  9. Love, Love, Love this and you! Thanks for sharing. xoxo