Friday, October 16, 2015

a dry spell and then *poof* - big magic.

Hello friends!
It seems like every time I sit to blog lately,
I have so much to say
and I fear forgetting half of it along the way. 
First of all, let me say
it's been a heavy week.
The little painting above
is the first painting I've done in weeks
and I'm not sure you can call it a painting.
Maybe a few lines on a page
would be more appropriate. :)
Dad had surgery last week
and there were a few minor issues after the surgery,
so consequent visits to the hospital.
He is now recuperating at home
and doing better every day,
but until he was back on his feet,
I felt a little unsettled myself.
A quick pen sketch of a sick man at the hospital...
So this past Monday, 
as my son and I rushed out the door
I misjudged the steps in the garage,
fell, and sprained my foot!
I spent a few days on crutches,
a day wobbling around,
and I'm now down to a limp. :)
During these down times
of making little (or no) art,
I tend to write more.
And of course, I read a lot.
I'm usually the one trailing behind
when it comes to reading the hot books
or seeing the hot movies.
I saw the Titanic movie about
a year after it was a hit.
I just recently watched Avatar.
But a few weeks ago,
I went to the bookstore and picked this up.
I was almost happy to be off my feet
for a few days,
just so I could curl up with this one.

I love so much of what she writes in here,
I basically wanted to underline the whole thing.
For anyone who is living a creative life,
this book is such a gift.
I love what she says here
about passion...

So many of us are bombarded
with messages of following our bliss...
of finding our passion
of doing what we love.
I'm all for doing what you love,
but sometimes, it just doesn't pay the bills
and you gotta do something shitty for a while
and on the sidedo what you love!
On the side, write the novel.
On the side, play the guitar.
On the side, take acting classes.
It's those side things you do
that make life grand.
If you're lucky enough
to be able to make a living at what you love,
good for you!
But if you've yet to make a decent living at it,
Chances are good it makes you happy, right?
So already, it's worth it.
Whether or not my art (or writing)
provides a steady income for me
(and no, it doesn't)...
I'm still gonna do it because I love it.
I would still do it
if I knew I would never get a penny.
She talks about the differences
between passion and curiosity
and how we should ask ourselves this question:
What is interesting to me?

Don't you love that last paragraph?
I love it.
So reading this book during the past few days
got me fired up again
about all sorts of things.
One of those things was painting.
 Acrylic on paper.
When I first painted the black circles,
I was thinking of apples in a tree.
(it's apple harvesting time here)...
But they quickly became faces
without me having much time to think about it.
I took this picture this morning, by the window.
More accurate colours.
I like it. It makes me happy
although there's a kind of sadness to it too...
I also did some sketching
for the colouring book cover design!
This is such a fun project.
I'm as excited as everyone to see it printed. :)
It's such a joy to collaborate
with like minded people.
Not yet done, but getting there... 

Yes, this is still how excited I feel.

I stumbled upon this Canadian artist on-line this week...
What a lesson in patience.
Jaw dropping work.
I thought this smoke was pretty
after I put out the candle.
Maybe it'll become a painting soon?
And i finally - finally
finished this painting of mom.
I'm not totally happy with it
but I have to let it go.
I had given myself Aug 15th as a deadline
and here we are - 2 months later.
Maybe I just liked her hanging out here with me -
her reassuring smile cheering me on - as always.
She may stay here for a while still. :)
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Wow, you did quite a lot of work, despite the heavy week. Hope your dad as well as your ankle will recuperate nicely. The painting of your mom is beautiful, and I love the little snippets you showed us of that book. Looks like an interesting read! Hope your next week will be better!

  2. Your artwork is so bold and bright. I hope your Daddy is alright, and that your ankle heals completely. Blessings and have a great weekend.

  3. So much wonderful art to se! Despite all the issues that weighed on you you managed to create great bold and colorful abstract art and it is so joyful! Thanks for sharing and wishing you a much much better week.

  4. forgot to say- I love Elizabeth Gilbert and it looks like this book will be added to my Amazon wish list:):) I love highlighting special things too-and have highlighted so much in a book or two my markers would run out of ink!

  5. Oh dear about your foot and your dad! What a difficult week you've had, yet so productive! Artwork Beautiful as always, especially your nice to see in completion! Every time you speak of her you keep her wonderful spirit alive! I agree that you must fulfill your hearts song, for some it's art for others it's something else! You my dear are a one of a kind, powerful, talented with a great heart! Thanks for sharing the beauty that is you!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. All the art is wonderful. Sending healing energy for your day and your foot.

  7. Oh Pauline the painting of your mother is precious, I understand how special it must be to you, her smile seems so real and shines through beautifully in this painting.
    So great to visit and read your musings and book clips, your beautiful art and creativity, you certainly embrace your creative journey and go with the flow of how you feel and that is so great. An inspiring and uplifting post!
    I am of course very sorry to hear about your dad and your foot accident. I imagine you must have had your share of worries for your dad so hope all goes well from here and he picks up as quick as possible!
    Best of wishes
    Kat xx