Friday, October 30, 2015

The WILD TRUTH about Into the Wild

hi folks...
It's Friday night here, 
and the wind is howling outside.
Halloween tomorrow.
The little witches & goblins are gonna be out
trickin' & treatin'.
I may watch a movie later on
but first, I have a few things to share.
It seems like I'm doing nothing
but trying to catch up these days.
Well, that, and watching movies. ;)
There are so many emails I want to send,
thank you cards (or just cards to say 'hello'),
blogs & books to read,
paintings to make,
friends to visit,
things to write...
And here's the thing:
I am currently not working outside the home!
I should have all the time in the world
to get everything done!
But do I?
I never seem to have enough hours in the day
to do everything I wanna do.
Maybe my list is too long?
Or I'm too easily distracted?
oh ok, fuck it,
I already know the answer.
I procrastinate. :)
I'll write those emails,
as soon as I go for a walk outside.
I'll send those cards,
right after I do a little painting.
I get everything done eventually,
it's just that sometimes,
'eventually' takes a long time to get here. ;)
And of course, 
there's always that other "fun stuff"
like housework
and groceries
and changing lightbulbs
and making meals.
The other day, a friend of mine told me
that I made her feel lazy
because I got so much done in the course of a day.
You're fucking kidding, right?
No, she wasn't kidding.
So maybe I really am productive
and I just FEEL like a procrastinator? ;)
Maybe i have razor sharp focus
but it just FEELS like a total mess in my own head? 
As my son would say:
(translation: WHATEVER - because the word "whatever"
just takes far too much energy for teenagers to say) ;)
I'm doing my best
and as long as I don't kill anyone
in the course of a day - it's all good.
I go for walks whenever I can
because nature is my sanctuary.
I spend as many quiet moments in a day
as I can, because silence is golden for me.
I'm not one of these people
who needs to turn on the radio or tv
as soon as I get up in the morning.
I listen to music when I'm painting
but too much noise just makes me
wanna run the other way.
And speaking of noise & nature,
I wanted to say a few things
about the movie Into the Wild.
For those who don't know the movie,
it's the true story of Christopher McCandless
who decides, after graduating from university
with top honours, to give away all his money to charity,
and set out for Alaska, to live off the land.
Oh, and did I mention
that his parents were wealthy assholes?
Yeah, his father was a scientist for NASA
who was used to manipulating people
with his money,
and his mother was basically a puppet on a string.
They were devoted to their church,
while at the same time,
abusive to their children (physically and mentally).
It's a movie about
freedom and adventure
and a young man who decides to
escape the clutches of his controlling parents
and live life on his terms.
That's where the heaviness comes in.
It's also profoundly sad.
I wish I could say he lived happily ever after,
I'm sure you all know the outcome.
If you don't, Google it.
I came out of that theatre
feeling like I had been hit by a truck.
I had a heavy heart for weeks.
But still - one of my favorite movies.
The music, the scenery, the meaning...
Then in 2014, Christopher's sister, Carine McCandless
wrote a book called THE WILD TRUTH.
It explained everything.
I am happy she wrote this,
for herself, her siblings, and for Chris.
After reading her book,
I understood his reasons for leaving
and for breaking the family ties completely.
Appearances can be deceiving.
What you see in public
is not always the truth
which is why we should never judge others
who do things that may seem irrational to us.
We never really know
what someone is living behind closed doors.
And on that note,
I'll leave you with this adorable little face...
Fluffy (dad's dog)
making a tongue at us.
Happy Halloween everyone!
Remember: chocolate is good for you!


  1. Beautiful autumn leaves and Fluffy is adorable.
    Happy Halloween to you, too ♥

  2. Your leaves are so beautiful...I adore Fall leaves and these are perfect in every way.

  3. Love your beautiful leaves...and yes I have written about this very same issue because too many people sway from living their own path when they envy what they think other have. Even your friend had a different perspective of your life than you do! Oh and by the way I saw this posted somewhere and thought it appropriate for you!! Procrastinating eh? Or is it......

    1) The avoidance of adult responsibilites to partake in arts and crafts.

    Yep I need the silence much. Creativity is born in silence!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Love this post! What a good one to come back to. Going to try to become blogger active again because, just like you, I don't seem to have enough in a day, lol!! Made a post about my daughter's halloween costume adventure, it's a start!

  5. Hey stranger, I'm back in the land of blogging and creating. Or should that be creating and blogging? Actually, who cares? :)

    Great to be back, and looking forward to reading and commenting.....

    Unless I start procrastinating again ;)