Monday, October 26, 2015

a little bit of art and lots of everything else

hello friends...
I hope you've all been well
and adjusting to whatever season it is
in your corner of the world. 
It's fall here, so the colours are beautiful,
although it's been windy lately
and the leaves are quickly
falling from the trees. 
I did this pastel years ago... of my son, Alexandre,
sitting in a big pile of leaves in our yard.
He was much smaller then, compared to now. :)
He'll be 20 in February.
I've been feeling stuck in a rut lately,
so I've been looking through some of my old art.
I'm doing a few little things
here and there...
I was sketching this the other night
when my son came in and said
it reminded him of one of the men
in the movie CAPTAIN PHILLIPS,
about the 2009 hijacking of a US ship
by Somali pirates.
I wasn't thinking of that while I was doing it.
Just in the mood to sketch something quirky
and not too serious.
Went to the bookstore the other day
and found these 2 gems.
I guess I may have been feeling a little blue. :)
The Joan Didion book was $2...
and the other one, $6.99.
Yes, thank you.
I've always wanted to learn more
about the history of the color Indigo.
Now I'll know (hopefully)
after reading this. 
I absolutely love the cover
of the Indigo book.
And I recently got this on Amazon.
A visual feast of a book,
filled with wonderful treasures like this
 ...and this.
So much truth here.
Why do so many of us
still think that creativity
is only reserved for children?
We are ALL creative
in our own personal
individual ways.
And this one (below)...
my favorite in the book.
So many of us live our lives
focused on attaining these things
when in the end,
they matter very little (if at all).
What matters in the end
is LOVE.
Knowing that you gave love
and received it
as much as you could,
the best way you knew how,
with the time you were given.
Our colouring book project is almost done!
The cover is being finalized
and I'm told that the inside pages
are beautiful.
As soon as I have the link
where you can purchase
I'll share it with all of you here.
In the meantime,
hang tight!
I've been watching some good documentaries lately.
Here are a few of the trailers,
for anyone who likes watching them. :)
I watched this one last night
called HAPPY.
(all of these were on Netflix).
A wonderful documentary
about the misconceptions we have
about money
and how it actually takes very little
to be happy in life.
A good art documentary I recently watched,
A reminder that there are still
too many places in this world
where 'freedom' is nothing but a word.
I admire anyone who is courageous enough
to stand up and say 'this is wrong'.
Especially those who stand alone.
I watched this one lately - and loved it.
Lots of wisdom hiding behind
the dreadlocks & skull rings & smoke. ;) 
Plus, the guy is like 130 years old...
how can you NOT be impressed?
KEITH RICHARDS - Under the influence
Another art documentary
I found on Netflix.
This couple just made me smile.
Heartwarming, adorable,
profoundly sad and happy all rolled into one.

This  music documentary that brought back
many fond memories for me.
Funny how hearing a certain song
brings me right back to where I was at the time,
doing whatever I was doing.
(usually up to no good - which basically means,
having fun). ;)

A movie about loss,
and courage,
and conquering fears
and facing your demons
and redemption
and finding your way through the darkness.
Along the same lines as one of my favorite movies,
Into the Wild,
only with a lighter ending. :)
And last but not least -
a documentary about the author,
Like millions of others,
when I was in high school,
I read Catcher in the Rye
and my friends and I talked about it
for months after.
So yeah, there's lots of mystery
around J.D.Salinger
and what happened to him
after Catcher in the Rye...
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. those books were bargains... and I love reading about colour as well. I love a book called colour by Victoria Finlay... ... it is one of my favourites... and I have that documentary about Salinger also... interesting right... hope the slump leaves soon!

  2. Hi
    I am your neighbour at Paint Party Friday. Love your painting of your son. And the colouring book looks exciting.

  3. I was so taken with your pastel artwork of your son. Your art fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give. Wonderful--so sweet.

  4. I feel so good now! So much life affirming yummyness {yumminess?} here. Wasn't JD Salinger a recluse? Loved those pages you picked out, especially the one about the headstone. I felt quite angry and a bit depressed after watching Into the Wild, so I'm interested to hear that it's one of your favourites. I'm sure it says more about me than it does about the guy or the film. :) I loved the book Wild and can't wait to see the movie. Hopping over to Netflix now to see if we get the same things you do. xxx