Sunday, October 4, 2015

colouring books, little birds and big skies

Hello everyone!
I'm finally back!
I hesitate to say 
I have some wonderful news
because maybe it's just wonderful for ME,
but hell, 
i'm sure at least ONE of you
will benefit from this as well.
At least I hope so.
That's the whole point.
Some of you already know this,
but for those who don't,
I'm working on an adult colouring book!!
Along with 5 other fabulous artists,
the book, called COLOR FOR CLARITY,
should be out in the world this November!
You can click here
to find out more
and don't forget to sign up
so you can get updates on where 
and when the book will be available.
We all have different styles,
so it's gonna be a great variety.
Every page has a quote or a question,
to encourage self discovery
and hopefully help you realize
that you have the potential
within yourself
to become who you want.
We tend to forget this, don't we?
We rely too much on outsiders
to teach us about our own worthiness.
I certainly hope that those who buy the book
have as much fun colouring the drawings
as I had in making them.
Such a fun project to work on.
Basically, it all happened very fast,
but sometimes, 
those are the best kinds of projects.
The kind that are unplanned.
No time to worry.
Right after I said YES
I knew it was the right decision.
We all had to develop several drawings
in a short amount of time,
but it's all coming together
and the work is amazing.
I cannot wait to color in it myself.
The wonderful Kristal Norton
is driving the bus on this one.
You can find her here.
Thanks to her genius organizational skills,
we are working together on a common goal,
from different parts of the world,
and she makes it feel easy. 
So besides that,
I've been painting here & there
whenever I get the chance.
When we went to New York last year in September,
I took a quick pic of these beautiful orchids 
we had in our hotel room,
with a card that said WELCOME!
I was really having problems
with the leaves & the pot on this one...
so what do you do when
there's part of the painting
that just doesn't seem to be working?
You remove it!
Some will say *that's cheating*!
But i don't listen to those people,
and you shouldn't either.
Do what you gotta do
to feel good about the painting.
Or at least not to hate it.
I hated it with the leaves & pot.
I don't hate it so much anymore,
although i don't know why i added the words...
looks like something you could buy
at Walmart. Not good. ;)
Far from my greatest work,
but hey - win some, lose some.
The colours are off in the 1st few pics,
but you can see the actual color here.
i'm liking the teal these days. :)  
I drew this the other day
when we lost power for a few hours...
with no lights, no TV, no computer...
What a better time
than to draw something
by the light of the window?

Coloured pencils on paper.
This little bird urn holds my mom's ashes...
She loved birds. :)
A quick painting (acrylic on paper)...

I ordered these prints from Vistaprint the other day.
They had a sale on posters.
Something like $30 for 10 posters (11 x 14 or 28 x 35.5cm)
Next time, I'll order thicker paper
but other than that, quality is good.
It's a water-colour i did of Steve Jobs a while back...
and i love his 'here's to the crazy ones' quote.
These will be for sale in my Etsy shop
within the next week or so.
The ring around the sun, a day before
the torrential downpour we had the other day.
And of course,
you know I can't end a post
without sharing a few pics
of the sand and the sea... :)
 seagulls in a row
 ...and a more daring seagull. 
Maybe he thought I had fries. :)
wide open space... and sky. 
Warmer than usual for this time of the year for us. 
(like 75 F)
And skies like this
always make me feel
like i'm part of something grand
and that the real miracle of life
is the fact that I am here AT ALL.
If it all ends when I die
I'm ok with this
because I get to see
skies like this while I am here.


  1. Such an exciting happy for you Pauline! Cupcake just bought a few adult colouring books to stave off stress! She bought a bunch for staff as gifts too!! Love what you did with the orchid you actually enhanced the orchid in my eyes because that was kind of an ugly pot in real least you made the pot look better when you recreated it! I need to buy one of those Steve Jobs posters...I know someone who will LOVE it!! Lovely little urn and wonderful abstract too! The weather is still lovely here too...more like 20-23C...but gorgeous. My favorite time of year! Gorgeous photos..thanks for sharing this great news!! Nice to discover a few new artists too! So good to hear you in good spirits! All the best to you and the other artists with this new colouring book!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Wow Pauline, Congratulations. I think the more important is that you are focused on that book!!! it seems that you are very very happy!!!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations Pauline...I'm sooooooo happy for you and more happy for moi for the day when I get my paws on this wonderful book...I love what I see. I'm back at work after six months off...and like you, I'm wondering why I can't just be doing my thing and not worry about making a living:) So, this post has come at a great time ...LOVE the gulls in a row and the blushing sky. Your words always give me a boost. Thank you and WELL done. xx

  4. How exciting! I am sure the coloring book has been a fun project. Lovely painting as well.