Friday, October 12, 2012

when the whispers call... listen.

hi everyone.
I've missed you all. 

Despite difficult days - the sun still rises. 
And what a beauty it is... wouldn't you agree?

No adjustments made to the photo...
it was actually this yellow.

First of all, thank you.
From the deepest of my heart - thank you all,
for showing me
that you are there.

That you understand.

Mom comes out of the hospital today.

We never know for how long,
but none of us really know
whether we'll be here tomorrow or not, do we?

The more reason to take everything in while we can,
to taste everything
to touch everything
to see everything
to be grateful for what we have,
for who we have
for who we are...

and for sunrises and sunsets. 

When i went to the mail today,
i found this in my box
and it made me smile...

A wonderful gift of speciality papers...(chinese papers?)
from the lovely Angelia 
all in a beautiful hand painted envelope.

How precious is that?

I can't wait to use them in my journal
THANK YOU Angelia... xox

During the past few weeks,
I spent very little time in my studio.

My heart just wasn't in it.

And then a few days ago,
I began to feel that stirring inside...

the one that calls for me to make art,
to write,
to create something.

The one that gets more persistent
as every day passes...

The one that reminds me,
that despite what happens around me,
there is still something inside me
that that needs to be given
a voice
a color
a form...

and within 30 minutes - a new beginning...

only after i had it all on canvas did i notice
the hearts...

At least i see two hearts.

It's only the beginning and i'll keep you posted
as it progresses.

It was good to have the brushes in my hand again. :-)

Kurt is watching on the sidelines. ;-)

I'll leave you with a video from someone that i love,
Loreena McKennitt - one of my favorite Canadians. :-)

The words in this song hold a particular meaning.

Back in 1998, she tragically lost her fiancé, his brother,
and their best friend in a boating accident.

She said she would never perform or record again after this.

But I'm guessing she felt the same stirring inside,
calling her to make music,
to give her feelings a voice,
to create something...

I'm so grateful that she listened to the whispers...

Wishing you all a happy, healthy weekend.


  1. Pauline, your art is beautiful. I believe it can also be healing. I cling to that. My dh is seriously ill. Art keeps me going. My heart goes out to you as I lift up a prayer for your mother.

  2. I so agree with Faye...Art is a great healing process! Nice mail, nice prints! Your painting is getting alive:)
    HPPF Pauline!

  3. Welcome back, Pauline! And so glad to hear that your mum is ok for now. Art is ever so healing. Stay with it. :-) Have a good weekend!

  4. Glad Mom is home ~ sending you and Mom healing hugs ~ lots of wonderful creativity on this page ~ love the painting, composition, design, colors and wonderful flowing energy ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. I'm always touched by your, art, words and music!! Wishing you many tender moments of love with your mom! Your hearts are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a deep part of yourself! Glad you are creating again!!

    All the best to you and your mom.
    Hugs Giggles

  6. Sending you hugs and love. Loving your sweeping painting so full of movement, beautiful. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. lots of hugs your way and love that Kurt is watching over you... I think my world would be awesome if Eddie Vedder was watching over me... will be sending positive thoughts your way...xx

  8. So glad your mom is home. Your words are so true, and when everything is 'for the moment' it makes us appreciate the good things in life, and the good friends whether 'in the flesh or via the computer.
    The colours and shapes on your paintings are lovely.
    I've been thinking of you and will continue to send positive thoughts.

  9. Pauline,
    So glad you are finding comfort in painting.

    Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers.
    Your painting is lovely. The cool colors are calming an soothing.
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. Your words touched me deeply in this blog post, Pauline. Thank you for your honesty and loving spirit that always shines through in both your words and your paintings.

    I see the two hearts in your painting, too. Two big, open, loving, generous and giving hearts. I know exactly how you feel when you wrote that you couldn't go into your studio and create anything, even though you really wanted to. But art is always there, waiting for you, whenever you need it and need the comfort it brings. Art therapy, for me, is one of the best kinds of therapy, and a most natural way for to heal when your heart or your spirit is hurting and needs to be comforted, I've found. That painting will be there, and is there, waiting for you - whenever you feel ready, whenever that stirring and that whisper and that creative intention calls out to you. Whether you decide to go deeper into it and with it, it is beautiful, calming, reflective and soothing at this moment, just as it is. The colours - especially because of the shades of blues and sea greens/turquoises that I see - make it calming and meditative.

    I'm happy for both you and your beloved mom that she's out of the hospital and back home.

    I send you both positive and healing thoughts and energy, to help you both.

  11. Beautiful words and the painting is beyond beautiful! I see the two hearts too ♥♥ Keeping you and your mother in my thoughts and prayers.
    To quote A. Lincoln " The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time."

  12. what a really heart felt post. I'm happy for you that you have your beautiful art and are finding a way -art does help heal the pain. Gorgeous canvas! Happy PPF

  13. I'm glad your mom is out of the hospital and you both can be together.

    I love your painting as it represents two hearts together- maybe the expression of the great love you have for your mother.

    You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself both in your writing and painting.

    Thanks for the uplifting reminders to be grateful for every moment.

  14. Thank you all for such heartfelt words.

    Carol - thank you for the lovely quote... Yes. One day at a time. xox

  15. A touching post! And beautiful canvas and photo!

  16. so happy to hear your mom is out of the hospital, pauline! such goodness in the mail and on your canvas, too -- a week of wonderful things! xo

  17. dear pauline,
    i am thankful for whispers you have left me.
    + tender is your post. your mom + heart + precious life.
    sending love to all of it.
    xox rachel

  18. Touching post! This is really beautiful..the colors, the simplicity yet complexity of it..I love the abstract feel of this piece..Fantastic work!


  19. you are a most amazing gift to this World, Pauline. just saying that in case you might ever forget...

    glad things are cycling and you are finding BEautimous ways to share them with everyone fortunate enough to know where to find you!!!


  20. I am so happy about your mom and relieved for you too. Keep on keeping on- that's all we can really do. xx

  21. Happy to hear your mom's okay and that you feel like painting again! Your canvas is looking very promising, I love the colors! That envelope you got from Angelia is wonderful, love the brightness of it. Enough to cheer anyone up. And thanks very much for sharing the song. Loreena McKennitt has been one of my favorite singers for years, and all this time I thought she was Irish ...

  22. Such wise words. I am glad to see you are still finding peace and beauty around you even though you are going through a sad transition.

  23. None of my pics are ever altered because I haven't a clue how in the first place--LOL!
    Lovely mail to greet you.
    I saw two green hearts--yes!
    What a beautiful song.
    Glad your mother is home again. We all live on borrowed time. I was told my son was dying from his heart defects and didn't have long to live. He has lived on borrowed time all these years. God willing he will be 38 in November. Appreciate all the little things. Smell the roses in life--yes! yes! :):)

  24. Love your painting! What glorious colours!

  25. Your painting is gorgeous and I agree that art really heals us all.
    I am glad to hear that about your mom, I'm wishing her well, Pauline! Glad to see you got some wonderful mail and what lovely papers! Be well my friend, Fran T xo

  26. My heart is with you Pauline. I'm glad your mom is on the mend and that you're feeling strong enough to take care of yourself and create. Always so soothing if we can muster the energy to get the brush in our hand. Take good care my friend xoxo

  27. I am catching up with your blog today and only just found out about your Mum. I'm so sorry you and your Mum have gone through this difficult patch...I hope and pray things are looking a little better now. xo

    Your words resonate with me today.
    A beautifully decorated envelope! I'm sure you will have lots of fun pasting those goodies into your journals.

    I love how your canvas painting is coming along.

    I didn't know that about this song by Loreena beautiful. My favourite song by her is The Mummer's Dance.

    Enjoy your week ~ xo