Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All you need is love, and ginger carrot soup.

I'm a few days later than promised,
but I'm here.

Bring out the balloons. ;-)

I've spent the past few days doing what i can for my mother
who is living with cancer.

There's been a lot of feeling helpless around here lately,
and i'm learning that sometimes in life,
the only thing one can really do is love.

So i show my love with homemade carrot and ginger soup for mom... 

Mom and i have been talking about a lot of things lately...

I was born in the USA, along with my 2 brothers.
We moved with my parents to Canada when i was about 6 years old.
My parents are both Acadians and french Canadians.

When i was younger, i was confused about who I was.

When we lived in the US, we spoke french in the house,
but english as soon as we stepped out the door.
Was I American?

My parents and grandparents and their parents were Acadians...
Because my ancestors were Acadian,
was i Acadian?

We moved to Canada when i was young
and I quickly identified with Canada as my home.
Was i Canadian?

I may have been all of these things, but more than anything,
I was a human being.
That was enough for me.

I now realize that these things are so unimportant in life...

I was raised with love.

Nothing else matters, really.
At least not to me.

I often wish the world would stop bickering
about land
and race
and culture
and money
and politics
and differences...

So unimportant, in the grand scheme of things...

The painting in progress...

You know there's gonna be dots and swirls...
and fragile hearts.

Wishing you all a peaceful, healthy, happy week...


  1. Oh are so wise!!! But right now, we have one thing on our mind...your mother, my sister!!! Oh how I wish we could make things better for her...damn cancer!!!

    I can't wait to see this painting done...I love your dots and your squigly lines and your colors!!! I'm sure love is really going to shine through this one!!!

  2. Hey Pauline,

    I love the color of that soup! All the best to you and your family.

    As always a fine post with lots of plain, honest thinking,


  3. That soup and your innate wisdom look like just what the doctor ordered. Looking forward to seeing how your piece turns out. xx

  4. I love the way the peaceful and calming tendrils are starting to grow and entwine around the painting.
    The carrot soup looks so good. When I had my cancer op 5 months ago Dev brought me soup like this to the hospital and it not only tasted good it brought the peace and love of home to me. I'm sure your mom feels the same and treasures the love.

  5. a wonderful post!
    Home is where our hearts are!

    I raised up in German, born in Austria.. ..went from vienna now ti countireside here...

    HOME is everywhere.. and which nationality ever... that´s not important!

    Important is the heart and the soul!

    Wish for you and your mum the very best. My mother fights also against cancer, started a new chemo two days ago...


    Susan from Austria

  6. Beautiful post, as always. It's in these little things like making soup that your mother will feel your love. I wish you both all the strength you will need. Keep on painting, it's a great way to put your mind to other things ♥

  7. Oh I agree with you one hundred percent Pauline! Love is all you need! Even the weeds in the garden were seen with renewed perspective when my mom had cancer. No longer unnerving as they were thriving.

    Sending love and light your way as you work your magic keeping mom comfortable with love and carrot soup! I did the same.

    Understandably your heart is blue, and oh so gorgeous. I have a large painting over my family room couch that is brightly colored hearts some with swirls and some with dots... Thanks to you I'm understanding my own art better at this very moment!

    Take care dear lady!! My thoughts and heart are still with you!!

    Hugs Giggles

    I couldn't of said/written it any better... :]
    Totally agree.
    I always say, to my adult children..." you can't take it with you, only your memories are what is left behind, what do you wish others to remember most about you?"
    Live well always. Perhaps one day, they will understand...
    Sending my love to you and your mother, you both are beautiful souls. ~xx

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  10. Once again, thank you Pauline. When I woke up this morning I was asking myself what more can I do? My husband has a progressive chronic disease and some days it is worse than others. Yesterday was one of those days. Of course, I want to make it go away and I can't. But I can always be there with "love" which I am.

    Your painting is lovely. You have inspired me to create a collage filled with hearts to remind me that love is enough. Thank you!!!

    PS I am sending lots of love to you and your mom. I hope you both have a beautiful day.

  11. You are an angel and I know she loves you for that. We can do no more than just 'keep on keeping on'.

  12. You are so right. When it comes to life and death situations it suddenly puts everything into perspective. Nothing but love is truly important. Holding a hand...and carrot soup. *love and hugs*

  13. Thank you all so much for the kind words...

    I am always touched by everyone's kindness. So many of you have lived through similar suffering. Your shared thoughts and warm hearts give me courage, and my mother thanks you all for sending so much love her way. She tells me she can feel it. :-) xox

  14. Yes, when all seems so confusing or sad, there is still love. You are loved. And you show such love to your mom. Hugs to you, kath