Monday, October 15, 2012

Illustration Friday and Robert Plant

hi everyone...

I'm linking this to Illustration Friday.

The word this week is WATER.

For me, water means ocean.

I love watching the waves... just like my little mismatched girl here.

She doesn't care whether her clothes match or not.
She's at the ocean - and when you're surrounded with such beauty
nothing else matters. 

And then, an attempt at a Robert Plant illustration
with Sharpie markers on glossy paper.

I sort of skipped a few pics for the steps in between.
Got too excited with the scribbling... ;-)

Whenever i use Sharpies on glossy paper
i get the urge to scribble. 

the marker just glides so easily on the page,
it feels like the drawing draws itself.

It's a very liberating way to draw now and then.
Very few set or defined lines... it's more about layers of color
and of course, scribbles

For those of you who live on another planet (giggle) -
Robert Plant was the lead singer in Led Zeppelin,
another fabulous band from the 60's and 70's.

I love Robert Plant as much today as i did back then.

Can you feel the love? ;-)

Have a great week folks.
Don't forget to feed the black dog.


  1. It's so nice that you're back. :) Also, that painting of the girl looking at the sea in her mismatched outfit ~ it's me! All my outfits are mismatched and my default place to stand is right there.

    Are you gonna do Art Every Day Month?

  2. LOVE the sea-painting with the girl! So beautiful.

  3. Lovely paintings, Pauline! I especially love the singer picture...I can feel the love, indeed! :-)

  4. I love the dynamic feel of the sharpie pen drawing!

  5. Wonderful illustration of girl by the sea ~ and other sketch is great also ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. Such a great water pic -- I love your colors! I am an ocean person too! And your sharpie sketch is terrific, makes me want to try this scribble technique.Have a great week!

  7. Beautiful water! And cool Robert Plant! Love them both.

  8. I like both your pieces, especially the one of the girl gazing at the waves. It's just mesmerizing. Blessings!

  9. Hi, Pauline, all right?
    OK. When one is surrounded by beauty nothing matters
    I liked that a lot!
    Thanks for saying so.
    I like the girl with her back to me. because it makes me think of her face.
    she may be laughing, crying, never mind, she is surrounded by the sea
    Hey, at that time I had vinyl records of Led Z.
    J. Paul Jones has always been for me, the best bass player!! :)))
    Good week for you!

  10. The painting is really cool! I love the scale of the figure, and the great colors. Really lovely how the long scarf is floating like water.

  11. I knew you would do the PERFECT piece for water! I'm smart that way. . .

  12. I just adore your girl! She's just so thoughtful and contemplative. And you know me and the ocean... And Robert. Oh, dear Robert. You managed to capture all of his boundless energy just perfectly! Nice work lady! xx

  13. Oh my... such a super, special post!! Love it!! :]
    If it has Robert Plant in it, it can only be "heaven"
    Such terrific illustrations, Pauline.
    Both have captured my heart. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
    Take care, dear friend. ~xx

  14. Thank you everyone!! So many of your comments made me smile (and some even LOL!)
    Tara: i just checked the Art every day month. I think i could do that. Hope to see you there!?
    dearest Roberto... you have good taste. ;-)
    Michelle: you made me laugh... xox
    THANK YOU, thank you. Everyone.

  15. I love your ocean painting, Pauline!

  16. These two art pieces are wonderful in their own right!! Scribbling is definitely a lot of fun! Great work!

  17. Her watching the waves brought me such a peaceful feeling that I get when watch the ocean and then BAM! High energy Robert Plant with electric sharpie magic! He is rockin' the sharpies!! Fabulous!

  18. Adorable it, a great piece!! I can't imagine not living near an ocean! Robert Plant sketch is very cool too!! I love sharpies and started with them not long ago!!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. Totally awesome! I love that ocean. :)

  20. Love the girl and her ocean!
    Yes, I can feel the love. ;)

  21. I LOVE the painting of the little girl and the ocean - the ocean looks Huge! and what makes it so awesome is the contrast in the ocean and the little girl's clothes. And scribble of Robert Plant is great is great!