Monday, October 1, 2012

kurt cobain

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.
- Kurt Cobain

hello out there...

Feeling a little off these days.

It was a full moon last night
so maybe the tide will turn... who knows.

Kurt Cobain on a 12" x 12" canvas.
He kinda looks like Jesus here... ;-)

I'm using 3 colours so far:
brown, beige and white.

You can get a lot of definition with very few colours...

I love this in particular because of the sharp contrasts.

Not done yet, but i wanted to at least post something
so you wouldn't think I'd deserted you all. ;-)

I think i'm gonna like this one.

I'll probably finish it tomorrow and post it soon.

Kurt Cobain was such a tortured soul...

And this, my friends, is something i painted several years ago,
and i have no friggin' idea what the hell it means anymore.

I was obviously feeling philosophical.
or maybe i was drunk? who knows...
it was long ago. ;-)

It's a pretty big canvas, (about 3 ft x 4 ft).

I hate everything about it except the blue background,
so i decided to paint over it,
and tomorrow, i'll paint something new on it!! Yay!!

It's already pretty, don't you think?
Such a lively color...

Thank you all, again, for your heartfelt comments.

To know that my words reach so many,
from so far away,
and sometimes even touch a few hearts
is what it's all about for me.

I do what i do and write what i write
because it's what i feel.
No more, no less.

So when someone responds to something i've said or painted,
I know we've connected,
and that makes my heart melt.
It does.

Thank you.
For reading, and letting me know you're there.


  1. your painting of Kurt is really looking great!

  2. I like that you say you like a piece of art you're making. I like that you're honest and real. I like visiting your blog!
    Have fun painting this week!! ~kath

  3. I like what you did Pauline... your lines are so sure and bold. You get an idea qnd put it down on paper/canvas very quickly.. I'm amazed at your speed. you are a natural!

  4. Kurt, God rest his tortured soul, would have loved this painting of him. I know he would have. And yes, he does look a bit like Jesus....or possibly Aragorn from LoTR (or possibly even Boromir, now that I've thought about it a bit more). If his lyrics didn't express how tortured a soul he was, his voice certainly did. He's very much missed, all these many years later. Though I listened to and enjoyed Pearl Jam (and still do) more than Nirvana, they were a great band.

    Nothing wrong with that chair, Pauline, by the way, but if needed to go, then go it must. I love the green colour you've chosen. Very springtime renewal in feel, is the colour you've chosen. I know you'll fill it up with something meaningful, and from the heart. Just go with it, and see where the journey takes you...

  5. I guess I'm not the only one who falls out of love with stuff and recycles it then.

    Love the portrait. I never really got into Nirvana or grunge. Forces radio tended to be MOR and I was leaning more towards Classical at the time. but it's never too late to catch up :)

    Thanks for the posts. if you keep writing, we'll keep reading.


  6. Great portrait of Kurt, and I never thought of him looking like Jesus (the Westernized version, at least) before, but that was my first thought when I saw this.

    Without our tortured geniuses the world would be a much less interesting and beautiful place, wouldn't it?

  7. Having air and a chair is a bit like having time to stop and stare, as in the poem.
    Kurt was a very hansome creature and you have captured him so well.
    Lovely work Pauline.

  8. Thank you ALL for the comments...

    Nigel: for the record, i never got into grunge either. I just think Kurt is awfully cute... ;-) Thank you for reading. xox

    Carlarey: YES!! Exactly. The world would be far less interesting without the shadows.

    Gwen: i had forgotten about that poem.. ;-) Thank you for visiting. Always wonderful to see you here. xox

  9. J'aime beaucoup ton interprétation de Kurt Cobain. Les couleurs utilisées, l'expression du visage, mais également le cadrage qui vient chercher le spectateur immédiatement. C'est très réussi.

  10. Not really familiar with him, but have heard of him. Good likeness already.

    I can hardly wait to see what you do with that spring green recycled canvas. BTW--the chair and air made me think of taking the time to contemplate. ;)

  11. What an amazing portrait, of a talented creative soul who will go on in the hearts of all of us who love his music!
    I can only imagine what Francis Bean will eventually share with the world!!

    You don't have to thank us for visiting when you bring so many interesting creative thoughtful pieces to the table! Thank you for sharing snippets of your soul with such authenticity!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. This is a wonderful painting, with much thought put into your work... CHEERS!! :]
    Always love your posts. ~xx

  13. From someone who is also feeling a bit 'off' these days- let me say that your painting is fab. Nothing off about it. And I love that saying 'all you need is air and a chair'. Think I'll adopt it as my new mantra.

  14. You are extremely talented...the face and the way you painted are all fabulous! Your work is very extrodniary and creative..


  15. This portrait is so expressive and I love that you have used only three colors. Wonderful work!

  16. I really loved that Kurt Cobain painting. It was great to see the various stages you went through, too.

  17. Great illustration, Kurt Cobain was my idol when i was in high school! I actually did a portrait of him myself as a class project in art class :)