Friday, October 19, 2012

how nature always helps keep me in line

hi everyone! 
It's Friday here, a beautiful, sunny fall day. 

There's a lot of heaviness in the air for me during this time,
but i'm posting anyway.

I wanted to post earlier, but my heart just wasn't in it.
It still isn't, but i'm posting at least a little something
so you won't think i've run off with a circus freak or something.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...(wink wink)

Sometimes I want to paint or draw what i feel,
and other times (like here) i want to paint or draw someone else
who looks like they're feeling what i'm feeling.

A safer distance for me sometimes. :-)

This is pastel on paper.

There's just no way to feel good about seeing a loved one suffer.

It's important during difficult times to remind ourselves
of the good stuff.

So this morning, I went for a nice long walk in the cool morning air,
then I sat outside for a half hour with my coffee,
and listened to the chirping birds
and watched the leaves dance in the wind
and the squirrels chase each other around the yard.

My mind wanted to race to the bad stuff-
the worry
the illness
the why's and 
the what if's...

But i gently moved those dirty little thoughts over,
and focused on the squirrels and the birds,
and reminded myself that whatever happens,
i'll handle it, and that despite everything,
life is still good.

Sometimes, we need to look a little deeper for the good stuff,
but it's still there.

I hesitated to show you pics of my studio in my last blog post
because i always find it a bit chi chi poo poo (yes, it's a made up word) 
whenever i hear an artist talk about his or her studio.

Here's a little secret folks.

you don't need a studio to be an artist,
and having a studio doesn't MAKE you an artist. :-)

Making art makes you an artist,
not the space you do it in.

Not just TALKING about art, but making art.

For years, i painted on the kitchen table. I still do sometimes.
That's where i did this pastel. 

For years, i was without a space,
and it was totally ok.
For me, it really doesn't matter where i create,
as long as i have a little space somewhere
and i hope it doesn't matter to you either.

The cavemen had cave walls, and they still found a way to make art! ;-)

Here are a few pics i took yesterday, near my home.

Enjoy the view, and have a wonderful weekend!

this lone red tree just made me smile...


  1. Sending ((hugs)). That third photo is sensational!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Loving your beautiful painting it is so emotional. Thank you for sharing this difficult time, its a hard life. Hugs for PPF, Annette x

  3. I really like the pastel drawing. It's very effective in capturing your emotions. Your surroundings are beautiful. I especially like the cloud you've captured in the photo. Watching our loved ones suffer is very difficult, but if those around the one who is suffering learn something from that process, then the suffering would not be in vain. Have a good weekend! :-)

  4. Hi Pauline, thinking of you! Your work is so heartfelt. I just love it, especially the light. You captured such a pensive, deep, thoughtful mood. Amazingly beautiful. Your photos made me take a deep breath, which is what I needed after work...on a Friday. Kath

  5. such an emotional painting-it's beautiful. Going for a walk an seeing and listening to the sounds of nature can be so soothing during htese times. thanks for sharing and for the lovely outdoor photos.Happy PPF!

  6. Your artwork is amazing and emotional...sending you positive energy and strength.


    “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” -Rumi

  7. Hugs to you. Art is good for the soul and so is taking time to sit with Mother Nature. You seem to be doing the things that help in tough times. Much love.

  8. My heart is with you, I know these feelings all too well!! It does change who we are.

    My word is sissy fru fru...but I never judge because I've lived in amazing elite neighbourhoods in beautiful homes where I had my dream home, but not my dream life!!I live modestly now in a cozy home, it's a different lifestyle , but I still love it! Although I have a large room I could use as an art studio, I have no desire to convert it. You'd be shocked how I create...with piles of paint stained towels strewn on my family room couch, table beside me... It's my cozy space...I neatly have my paints in pretty boxes...when I pull it all out my family could shoot me..... but they are kind and tolerant...and we live happily in my mess until I straighten it up again...There is loads of space to retreat to, but we like hanging out together, in the same room, with a tv, and kitchen near by!! That's just how we roll.

    In all the darkness, the little red tree prevails with beauty!!Find those small moments of joy during these heavy times.... and know you can always email me if nothing but to vent, knowing I will understand!!

    Beautiful artwork, so deep and pensive looking, and the photos are a wonderful bonus!! Thanks for sharing...

    Take care!
    Big hugs Giggles

  9. for years I painted in amongst the madness and it was all part of the fun, but I love having my own space now...of course I still spend half my life with paint and pens in the middle of the kitchen and things, but sometimes it is nice to disappear and hide ...
    hope this week is a little easier for you and that you find the brain space to create more wonderful art for us...xx

  10. Your present problems strike a chord with me so I feel for your sadness and feelings of helplessness. It's so hars when there is nothing we can do for a loved one except love them. Me heart is with you. And your painting expresses everything so well.

  11. Hello Pauline, your portrait sketch is so well done, the curve of his features, his face stands out, so pensive and dreamy. You are lucky to have that lovely studio, but yes you can art anywhere really, and all else is blocked out, that's what's magical really.
    Your photos are gorgeous, I love where you live, it looks so peaceful and that little red tree is so sweet. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing all of this with us! Have a peaceful and creative week-end! xx

  12. What a beautiful portrait, Pauline. I spend a lot of time focusing on squirrels, trees, the sky, the lake. It somehow helps me to ground myself and strike some kind of balance. I have a nice studio space but I rarely use it anymore. I often create my work sitting cross-legged on the bed with boxes and bags of paints and supplies surrounding me. It's comforting in a way the studio space isn't. You're in my thoughts....... xoxo

  13. Pauline, such a lovely portrait! No matter what, life goes on. Its good we have art to put our feelings into! And, art needs no space except in our hearts. The pictures you took of the walk are awesome! Hugs to you.

  14. Your pastel is awesome sauce! WOW! And that last photo is just superb with the red tree peeping through.

  15. Pauline, I'm glad that you did this pastel even though you obviously are feeling sad about someone's illness. The pastel really excites me. The shadows and highlights are so expertly done. And the emotion is the painting! Great job.

  16. Beautiful portrait and photos of views near your home.
    So sorry to hear that a loved one is suffering. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    I, too, find nature so very healing and restorative.
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  17. Beautiful work and amazing post!The photos are brilliant..the red tree in the last photo looks really prominent so I can understand why you would feel inspired by the scene..


  18. Hi Pauline,

    So sorry to hear your depths of sadness ; I understand very well. I just return after a very lengthy absence from PPF for the simple fact that our family was dealing with a terminal illness and sadly he left us in August. I have finally returned but found it very difficult to participate with the PPF group, needed some time alone. Then a few days ago another sad loss occurred in our family and sometimes it's just too much but I'm thankful that I have my family , art and nature to sustain me, especially at difficult times.

    Your right, no need for studio space , anywhere is fine when creating only it would probably ease the strain on the families recreation space with all of the art supplies hoarding the available

    You live in a gorgeous area and your pics are just as artistic as that amazing sketch, beautifully done.

    m^._.^m ~^..^~ Annabelle

  19. A beautiful, beautiful drawing Pauline. However you need to express your feelings (through art, through images of others) is just perfect. I'm working through things backwards so am looking forward to seeing this awesome fancy pants studio. You've earned every square inch of it!! Take good care my friend xxxx

  20. Sending warm-fuzzy hugs your way♥ your pains hows in your beautiful painting. Love your photos too. That cloud over the water is stunning, I love taking pictures of clouds. Take care my friend.

  21. Awesome, touching portrait and wonderful photographs!
    It's wonderful how nature is peaceful and beautiful, especially during difficult times. <3

  22. It's so important to keep creating, especially when times are hard. Your portrait is beautiful and so heartfelt. The photos are exquisite, especially that cloud formation. It's hard not to believe in the divine when you see something like that. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Magnificent portrait..very emotional..serene yet contemplative...pensive and peaceful.Fantastic shading and softness of texture! Hugs of comfort to you in this sad time, hang in there !
    yes art and creating in the heart..and special wherever you create it! I never had space for many years and now that i do i am thankful to keep my creative-mess and storage in one area..but creating happens everywhere and the kitchen table..under the sun and stars! Creation has no boundaries!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and hope things get brighter in some way!

  24. This is such a touching post....your heart felt words ring so true. The pastel is a wonderful portrait! I enjoyed your photos, especially that last one with the glimpse of red leaves poking through. It's so good to be able to set aside our worries and enjoy the process of creativity. Have a good week!

  25. OH Pauline, I am so sorry for your heart's heaviness... you expressed it well in your sketch and my heart goes out to you. I am thankful for art in times like this. It does seem to help when words often fail. Thinking of you...

  26. Your drawing expresses so beautifully how you must be feeling. Sorry to hear how someone you love is suffering. I hope you will keep finding ways to get through it. Courage!

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