Saturday, September 29, 2012

a published book from a broken heart...

hi everyone.

(translation of book title: The stars at dawn)

I'll share some art later tonight, but for now,
I want to share this.

This book was written by a beautiful young woman of 17 years old.
The story of her father's battle with cancer -
one that he sadly lost three years ago,
when she was only 14, and her brother was 16.

More than anything, it's a story of courage and love.

Once in a while,
someone or something comes along and we are forever changed.

A separation

an illness

an accident

the death of a loved one.

Deep pain.

Deeper than many of us can imagine.

During such times, it's hard to make sense
of the world as it is.
It's hard to understand that life goes on...
with or without us.

It's also hard to believe
that through such anguish,
through such darkness,
light finds a way in.

There is a Leonard Cohen song with these lyrics:

"there is a crack in everything,
that's how the light gets in".

Writing this book was Renée's crack.

This young woman made sense of her world
by writing about it,
by giving herself the space to grieve,
by giving her father a voice,
and honouring him in the most loving way,
with gentle, honest words on a page.

She is donating all the proceeds
to the cancer society,
to help find a cure.

And the reason i am sharing this story?

Because it is proof, once again,
and they also heal.

Sharing matters.

She chose writing
as a way to express her pain
and her story will not only change her,
but it will touch others.

It will inspire people to look at their own lives differently,
and be more grateful for what they have,
rather than what (or who) they don't have.

Stories like these
promote love
in a world often filled with hatred and loss.

This young lady is giving her father
the highest honour
and showing him the greatest love,
by spreading her wings
and showing him that she can fly.

We all have something to learn
from such stories of courage.

Wishing you all a day
filled with gratitude.


  1. Perfectly expressed! Sounds like a wonderful, healing book. :)

  2. I heard about this book on the radio just yesterday...where did you get it Pauline...I want to buy it too, but didn't catch where they are selling it.

  3. This post of yours, not only about this book and this woman's journey through grief and heartbreak, but your own added thoughts, has touched me deeply. Very deeply. This post comes as both synchronistically and serendipitously. Thank you so very much, Pauline, for being as real, as honest and as genuine and generous of heart and spirit as you are. And thanks, too, to Renee, for finding the courage, through the heartache and the heartbreak, the pain and grief, to help not only herself through it, but for also helping so many who are going through the same emotional pain.

  4. Oh my goodness you have no idea how well timed this post is. My friends Cousin has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, prognosis dire. She has a son who is a young teen.... I can't even imagine how that mother and her son must be coping. I thought I was too young to lose my parents. I wonder if this book could help my dear friend console her cousins son...

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Thank you for another thoughtful and heartfelt post, Pauline. ♥

  6. June - thank you so much for such kind words. She initially wrote for herself, and is somewhat surprised that her book has touched so many others. That's what it's all about, in the end, isn't it? Helping one another when we can... xox

    Giggles - sorry to hear of your friend's cousin and her teenage son. Very difficult indeed... the book is currently only in french, but i can let you know if they decide to translate in english. Thank you for sharing. xox

    Angelia... thank you. xox

  7. Very touching and beautiful! Sounds like something I would like to read!

    Thanks for sharing