Saturday, September 19, 2015

ocean waves of sorrow and joy

hello everyone!
I have so much to share,
i'm not sure where to begin...
Let's start with the fact that 
it's still summer here!
We broke a 100 year record yesterday for temperature.
I was 30C (86F).
Hot for us in September.
Normally, by this time of the year,
we're pulling out the thick sweaters
and looking for our socks.
But this year, we seem to be
about a month+ behind in the seasons.
It's a strange thing,
the reaction we have to weather.
September here usually brings with it
a burst of energy for me
and a cozy feeling of cocooning.
Kids are going back to school,
some to university,
moms are getting the house to themselves... ;)
new beginnings.
But this year feels different.
There's this churning of creativity inside me
but when I notice it's still summer out there,
I wanna be out walking or swimming or kayaking.
(and on a good day, I usually am)
Because I know what's coming.
So I hate to admit it,
but I would welcome a rainy day.
And if the forecast is right,
we're getting one tomorrow. (Sunday)
There's a little story to this sunflower.
Earlier this year,
we decided to plant a few things.
(I don't have a green thumb).
So we planted a few flowers along the walkway...
but we didn't plant this sunflower!
Honest, we didn't.
When we noticed something growing,
we were curious to see what would pop up there.
At first, I thought it was just weed...
no, not the kind you smoke! ;)
but lo and behold - 
this beautiful sunflower pops up! 
The birds & the bees carried the seeds
exactly at the right spot. :)
So next year, I'm planting sunflowers.
This is Fluffy, my dad's dog,
and she loves to hide her treats in the carpet,
just in case someone is thinking
of taking them from her.
Cracks me up.
I did a quick little sketch of her
while she slept by my side on the grass.
This is part of my blue room...
I used to have my mac upstairs,
but finally brought it down here.
This room just feels right for writing.
I am sitting in the chair you see here right now...
I love this space...
You don't need a big, fancy shmancy studio
to make art.
It just has to feel right in your heart.
Some people use a shed,
the basement, the back porch,
a kitchen table,
Whatever works for you.
A few weeks ago,
we were awakened at 2am 
by the sound of helicopters just above our house.
By morning, we found out
they were looking for a missing man in the water.
A boating accident.
He and a friend were boating
when the boat capsized.
His friend searched for him in the water
for a half hour before making it to shore
to call 911.
They found the missing man days later - drowned,
only about 50 feet from the shore here.
42 years old.
Whenever something like this happens,
you always have the nitwits who want to give
their two cents worth about what happened.

"well, they had to be drinking!"

"who goes out boating after dark?"

"well, why weren't they wearing lifejackets?"

That's why it's called an ACCIDENT, you morons.
Cause it's not supposed to happen.
No one ever goes out on a boat thinking:

"I know! We'll put ourselves in danger
and then we'll drown!! It'll be fun!"

It angers me how quickly we are to judge
when something like this happens.
We all know what should have happened
to prevent this tragedy, 
but it didn't, and the man is dead.
Why bring any more suffering
to his poor family
and the friend who searched
for 30 minutes in the water for him?
They lost someone they loved
and this beautiful place
will forever haunt them.
Is that not enough?
I went for a walk there the other day
and saw this one lone flower...
and I thought of him.
 Then I picked up this book again...
and read this...
Funny how the same questions
have different meaning now...

I had ordered new cards from MOO
and they came in as the helicopters
searched overhead...
it made me sad
when i noticed my ocean paintings.
I can be overly sensitive about my surroundings,
so I usually try to paint or sketch something
as soon as i can,
to put the pain on paper
rather than keep it in my heart.
I started this painting thinking of water,
and ocean, and waves, and nighttime... 
(it's acrylic on paper)
Not sure where I was going with the pink,
but I just let it go where it wanted to go.
Added a bit of white...
still not sure if it's anything 
other than abstract.
Then I flipped it over
and saw a dragon and someone flying
and a moon and water and a heart...
These are closer to the real colours..
taken in daylight.
Looking at it this way just feels 
less scary to me.
Why a dragon would feel less scary,
I'm not sure.  ;)

I'm not sure if i mentioned anything in my last post,
but I'm working on a little something
with a few other artists
that we'll be sharing with you all soon.
I am thrilled to be contributing
to such a fun project
and I know that many of you
will be happy to
color along with me very soon!
(Yes, that's a little hint for you.)
As soon as I get the ok to share,
I will.
Hang tight.
In the meantime,
you might wanna
sharpen your color pencils!

This is how excited I am:


  1. You are so compassionate Pauline. So sad about the young man! Beardos Brother is that age... way too young! I see a heart with the dragon too!! I think there is a metaphor about that gorgeous sunflower... I do hope you paint's a powerful message about nature, and spirit which I know you don't really believe in...could your mom have sent that little sunflower plant I wonder? Definitely a little gift from the universe to people who don't have a green thumb...just sayin!! Goes to show one doesn't have to dote on something for it to flourish!! Gorgeous place you live... too bad about the long winters!! Love the photos .... glad you are enjoying a longer summer!! You deserve it after the winter you had! Oh and Sept was always my NEW year!! Not so much anymore...but it used to be!! Look forward to hearing the news!! Cozy work space too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Just wanted to say hello after a long time. The sea or the ocean may be healing and merciless at the same time. But we still seek peace there. I hope you have a nice autumn.

  3. A very nice post. Love the art, sad about the man. I agree why is it called an accident?
    Your yard looks beautiful.

  4. I got a little choked up to hear of this death and to see the beautiful area where it happened. As I get older I seem to tear up much more easily and to FEEL more for complete strangers when I hear of their tragedies. I love the sunflower story and can relate, as I had an oriental poppy show up clear across a yard from where the grouping was originally planted. Our birds are so wise to pick a fertile spot. I love your intuitive drawing of the pink and blue/white water . I need to order some cards from Moo, thanks for reminding me!

  5. What a sad story. Your artwork is beautiful...and I love your photos--especially the sunflower.

  6. Enjoyed following along with you through your abstract. A thought for you, an accident can be an accident...can an abstract be an abstract? Maybe so. It is beautiful (even if there is a dragon lurking somewhere). Love that the birds brought you such a lovely surprise. Sunflowers just brighten us up no matter where they appear.