Tuesday, March 31, 2015

books, art and ocean make my heart happy

hello everyone!
Last weekend,
i did what any crazed, middle aged,
menopausal woman would do
to keep herself from killing someone
or landing in an asylum.
i ran away from home!
So much fun.
I highly recommend it. :)
didn't run very far,
but it's not the distance that counts -
it's being away from everything!
Halifax (Nova Scotia) is about 2 hours from here
and this, my friends, 
is the beautiful new Halifax Central Library.
Isn't it gorgeous?
The building was designed to look
like books stacked one over the other.
 ...and this is what you see when you first come in.
A wall filled with mini rectangle paintings!
What's not to love?
 Beautiful angles & natural light inside...
and a loooooooong way down from the top.
Halifax is filled with funky little shops like this one...
and this one...
and warnings like these,
for those who dare try to steal candy. :)
A lovely walk on the snowy boardwalk
 pigeons enjoying the sun
and a pirate ship,
waiting for warmer days. :)
And of course,
no visit to Halifax is complete
without Theodore the Tugboat!
This bright yellow face floating on the blue water
was all I needed to make my heart happy again!
Thanks for hanging out with me here.
Wishing you all green lights & good coffee.


  1. I would totally run away to a library like that - AMAZING!

    1. My son and I could have both stayed there all day...

  2. Hi Pauline, loved the selfdefinition, "Menopausal Woman" I know it's not an "easy" step for women, but I think that menopause is a reaffirmation of the status of women in a stage in which women become disenchanted a bit of themselves, I know. You think, Bah, I do not want menopause!
    But ... things are so.
    It seems very good idea to leave the house at least once every two months, you have to close the door and take a short trip, (perhaps no more than a weekend) charge the batteries.
    I loved that library, and the funny little boat.
    Enjoy your time! :)

    1. Wise words from such a wise man... Thank you for understanding Roberto. And of course, EVEN with menopause, I'm happy to be a woman. :)

  3. Hi Pauline. It's great to have you back:) You've sold Halifax to me. The library looks fab. Oh! the urge to run away from it all..glad you managed a fun trip out of it.love and hugs.xx

    1. Yes, i'm guessing many of us have that same urge (to run away) now and then. ;) Yes, my son came with me and it was enjoyable - despite the snow on the ground.