Monday, April 6, 2015

how much snow can a winter snow?

hello friends...
I have a headache tonight,
but i'm posting this anyway.
Must be all the chocolate.
I've painted a few things lately...
I don't like this one but i'm sharing anyway.
It feels too aggressive to me
although I enjoyed painting it.
Isn't it strange
how you can be painting something
almost in a trance
and when you get done & look at it,
you think "what the hell is THIS?!"
(At least I ask myself this question)
And as you can see,
spring hasn't yet happened here.
We are in the 'dirty snow' stage of the season...
This was taken a few weeks ago,
so we have a bit less than this now.
Still lots to go.
Another painting
with happier colours
Polar bear on a funky background
If it's gonna look like Alaska out here
I may as well pretend it is. :)
I like this one a lot more.
It took about 15 minutes to paint. 
acrylic on paper

Motels & cabins near our home,
still covered in snow

the setting sun
and yes, that's the roof of the motel
you see at the top of the snow.
And a lovely sunset behind the trees.
I wanna say 'it's beautiful'
but after months of snow & cold
i'm not so sure anymore.


  1. I love that about intuitive painting ~ that "what the hell" response. I sit with it until I get it, or something, for it's most often Powerful Medicine! And I love your bear ~ lovely!

  2. I was thinks ng of you yesterday as it was snowing here in Alberta again. However, we have nothing to complain about as our snow keeps melting away and returning, where your's seems to be still accumulating! I don't blame you for not having enthusiasm for the snow any more. It seems you are dealing with it in positive ways by creating art! Keep it up!

    I like the colours, the lines, the movement and patterns!

    Hoping spring will come to you sooner than later!

  3. Wow it seems many feel so bogged down by all the snow... It seems to do something to ones soul.. I can't say I know how that feels....but with all the bloggers speaking about it I am starting to understand! Maybe that red piece...which I personally love.... is a bit of anger marking it's territory. The other colours seems much more peaceful... Beautiful work... wishing you a quick melt....

    Hugs Giggles