Sunday, March 22, 2015

lost and found in a snowstorm

It's official!
I am at that age where everyone
and everything
is getting on my nerves.
Or as i refer to it:
And if this damn snow continues
i swear, I'm gonna blow a fucking fuse. 
Yes, it's storming again today.
Winter began here later than usual (late December)
but it seems like we've had one storm after another.
Everyone's grumpy, (or maybe it's just me...)
everyone has cabin fever,
half our roads are still not plowed,
tonight, they predict -30C...
and the wind out there sounds like it's gonna
rip the roof right off the house.
So instead of painting pretty flowers
and rainbows and turquoise oceans...
what do I paint?
The storm.
Cause it's all I know these days.
It's all i feel.
On a good note,
I am reading this lovely book.

Part of the inside flap reads:
Millie Bird, seven years old and
ever hopeful,
always wears red gumboots
to match her curly hair.
Her struggling mother,
grieving the death of Millie's father,
leaver her in the big ladies'
underwear department of a local store
and never returns.
 it's funny, it's sad
...and today, i read this passage (below)
and it made me cry.
Books don't often do that to me
but when one does...
Ranks right up there
with newborn babies
and sunsets
and music born out of pain.


  1. gosh, sad book. Spring's here Pauline! It will be soon.

  2. I guess people who don't have mums get to send hugs to each other via the internet.xx I can see your rage in that sky you painted Pauline and those words talk to me. Anyone can paint flowers- you can paint a storm and touch people's hearts. Hang in there buddy and give yourself a silly grin in a mirror. hugs. xx

  3. Mentalpause - I hear ya - Not sure why I thought it would be great to have our kids in our 30s - that way I can have teenagers and mentalpause simultaneously!! good grief

  4. Dear Pauline, so sorry to hear about winter taking far too long and about your menopause moods but at the same time I can see art much more beautiful and touching and than any pretty flowers and I am definitely going to read lost and found soon. I love how delicate is your page and your handwriting. Everything looks so delicate, snowy and precious! Thank you for sharing. Thank you for that lovely post.