Sunday, March 1, 2015

No more faces & Christine Mason Miller

Hello dear ones!
 Day 27.....aaaaaaand.....
 DAY 28!
It's been so much fun to participate
in the 29 faces of February.
Thank you for all your comments.
Thank you to Martha,
for hosting and making it such a safe place
for all artists.
Proof again, that there is room for everyone.
I loved it.
Not only did it push me to the art table
on nights where i otherwise would not have made art,
it taught me things about myself too.
Mostly, that I feel very different about myself
and the world around me
from one day to the next.
In some of my selfies
I saw confidence
and happiness
and peace...
and in others,
i saw fear
and anger
and unhappiness.
Such is life.
I never trust anyone who's happy all the time,
so i guess it's a good thing
that i look like grumpy cat in some of these. ;)
I am posting this,
and then i'm off to visit some of your blogs.
I won't get to everyone tonight,
but I'll get to everyone eventually. :)
Thank you all for such wonderful comments
and for hanging out here with me.
To my dear friend Lucille
who left such a lovely comment on my last post:
it is I who is privileged that our paths crossed
so many year ago,
and that we became such good friends.
You make the world a better place
and you always make my heart feel at home.
And on that note,
in case any of you out there are interested
in an e-course about writing books,
check this out.
It begins on March 9th.
I am doing it, and already excited. :)


  1. Pauline all your faces are really top of the line and I love your cartooned fun is that!! I feel you love her too!! That's how she comes off the page anyway!! Your cracker is so realistic.... I am always amazed by you! All those emotions that maybe not everyone has, well they make you a more passionate soul than some. It shows up in your writing and art! You are truly blessed with a gift. Embrace the "beautiful soul" that you are!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. thank you so much Sherrie... this means a lot to me. YOU mean a lot to me. :) xx

  2. hello Pauline,
    love seeing your faces, each is so different from the next and your sketches are awesome. I never do that sort of sketching, you make me want to try.

    thank you also for the clip about Sugar Man, now i want to see that movie.
    thank you also for your kind message.

    1. I absolutely loved the Sugar Man movie. So happy i perhaps inspired you a bit. Thank you Tammie Lee... xx

  3. What a beautiful post!! Fantastic faces and a yummy cracker! Looks delish!
    I am so happy you participated!!! ♥

    1. It was a lot of fun to participate! February is always such a drab month here (and cold, and snowy!) so it gave me something fun to look forward to. Thank you! xx

  4. Hi Pauline. LOVE Feb 28 you- she is ready to go on an adventure methinks:) Your protagonist for a cartoon series'. I can feel it in my bones. Have registered...thank you:) xx

    1. hhmmmmm... you're giving me ideas again Arti.. ;) Wonderful! I've registered too! See you there. xx

  5. Day 27 looks so pleased with herself, no wonder, a creative February is well done!!

    1. yes, she pleased AND frozen. ;) Thank you for the lovely comments. xx

  6. Your portraits have been fabulous! I'm sorry they're over but look forward to seeing what else you get up to over there on the frozen side of the country. xx

    1. Lorinda, so good to see you here! i'll write you soon. Yes, we ARE frozen in this part of the country. I wish i was closer to you right about now. ;) xx

  7. Always such great art and lovely words here Pauline!

  8. Fantastic collection of practice, faces and thoughts in your post. Thank you for sharing! Great work and well done!

  9. I have so enjoyed your faces this month, and it must be great to look at them again and remember how you felt that day. Can't choose which ones I like best, the cartoonish ones or the more realistic faces. You make both kinds look great!

    1. thanks for the support Denthe... yes, some of those days i'd rather forget. ;) xx

  10. Oh, you have made so many lovley faces!
    It was a tough month... so I agree, no more faces (for a while ;)

    1. Nope. No more faces for a little while at least. ;) Thank you for being here. xx

  11. LOL - you look like grumpy cat - I look like grumpy cat a lot! Guess we are both well adjusted folks! So proud of you for making it through the whole month with selfies - such a great idea and so well executed! Your cracker looks tasty - giving me the munchies. . .

  12. Indeed Michelle, we must be well adjusted if we both look like Grumpy Cat! ;) I'm glad i got through the month as well. Hope you had fun too. Your faces were awesome. xx

  13. Can't wait to hear about the course! Just catching up on your posts {finally} - you really are prolific, especially considering the day job. Much more prolific than I am! Big hugs xoxo