Monday, March 9, 2015

Is winter really that bad? ok, never mind.

hi everyone!
Can you feel the coldness in these photos?
This is the frozen ocean -
and those little dots you see in the distance
are fishing huts.
The wind was fierce out by the open ocean,
so i escaped to these little paths again...
a bit more sheltered by the trees,
even though the branches are bare. :)
I thought this was beautiful
the way that little bit of sunlight
shone through the trees in the distance.
We're all pretty tired of winter at this point
but whenever I go out walking in the paths,
with the sound of crunching snow beneath my boots,
I'm kinda happy it's still winter.
Just a little.
A wee little... ;)
 When i got home, i started this...
(acrylic on paper)
 Markings and a mess...

You'd think I was on acid sometimes.
I'm not.
It's all music & mood, baby! ;)
And speaking of mood,
i bought myself this nail color.
I can't remember the last time i wore nail polish.
But i like this baby blue color so much
I had to buy it.
(water-colour + color pencils on paper)
And of course, i can't say baby blue
without posting this video
and i can't hear this song ever again
without thinking of Walter White
and Breaking Bad.
Wishing you all a baby blue sky
with tiny cracks of sunlight everywhere.


  1. You are so hilarious, I giggled throughout your post. I still can't believe how hard you are being hit by winter!

    Your art is so groovy like this song. Love the colours, movement, fun!

  2. Hi Pauline. The last shot with the sunbeam is beautiful:) All I can think of when I look at your acrylic work is phallic art and ecstasy;) Mood, you say??? I do come from the land of the Kama Sutra though, so let's leave it at that. Enjoy the sun:) xx

  3. Hi Pauline , What a perfect way to start my day reading your post ! You have such a neat way of expressing how you feel , you had me laughing Thanks Enjoy your day!!

  4. O wow! I love your winter photos - that is WINTER! We, here in the southern US are spoiled with very mild winters. I like it that way... Your art is so much fun! xoxo

  5. so here is my problem with visiting you Pauline... I end up scrolling back and reading and reading and marveling at all the awesome bloody work like the crackers and the selfies... and those freaky snow photos... now that is amazing... I would completely freak out... it had covered your doorway!!! So now I am running late, but happily so as i got to catch up ... except for the snow... that is bloody awful to my sun loving eyes...xx

  6. I love your icy photos Pauline, Winter is filled with such a quiet beauty for those open to see this!
    Your art is bubbly and fizzy, filled with hope and light!