Tuesday, December 31, 2013


hello friends!
Here we are, already on the heels of a new year.
I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season.
Here's a little update on what i've been busy with
these past few weeks.
Visited my brother in the USA for Christmas,
and brought my dad & his dog along.
We did what most people do during the holidays here...
eat too much, drink too much, sleep in too late. ;-)
(Some would say that's what the holidays are all about!)
This may not look appetizing to all,
but to most Acadians, it's heaven. :-)
Some day soon, i'll explain how these "poutine râpée" are made,
but for now, the short version is basically potatoes (cooked & raw)
mixed together with meat in the middle and formed in a ball.
it's a huge Christmas tradition around here.
That, and meat pies (also shown here!)
Breakfast of Champions. ;-)
Had a wonderful time with my brother & his family,
but a not so wonderful time getting there, nor coming home.
A 10 hour drive in the middle of winter is not my idea of a good time.
Saw a few accidents along the way,
there was snow, freezing rain, cars off the highway...
Certainly not ideal travelling conditions.
 aaaah.... home.
Welcome to New Brunswick... 
and brace yourself for a shitload of snow.
(still, it's home)
My dad's dog, Fluffy, in the back seat of the car,
not a worry in the world.
 This was taken a few days ago, the day after we got home.
Our shed, seemingly buried deep in the snow.
 In 10 days, we've had 5 snowstorms.
My husband, clearing out the driveway.
One of our extra nice neighbors, helping out. 
backyard view...
 back of the house view.
This was taken this morning, on our way to town for coffee.
Isn't it beautiful - the blue sky & snow in the trees?
And yes, a few nights ago, there was even a little bit of art.
I can't tell you how good it was
to come back to the little studio
and pick up the paints again
even if i wasn't inspired to paint anything fabulous.
 I could not wait to be surrounded again
with books and paints and paper and good music.
While i was gone, i missed blogging,
and painting
and my books & journals.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
and i believe this goes for life in general (not just for lovers!)
When i sat myself down the blue room,
i felt home again.
Not just "home" in the sense of a house,
but home in the sense of being where i belong.

The other day, my son saw something on TV
where they were fighting in Syria,
and he asked "why don't they just leave and go somewhere else?"
First of all, some may not be able to leave, i replied,
and more importantly: because it's their HOME.
Some may want to leave, but most (i'm willing to bet) 
would rather stay and work towards a resolution to peace.
Home is home, no matter where you are on the planet.
So yeah, this is most likely the ugliest painting i've ever done
but it doesn't matter much to me.
It's supposed to be curly lightbulb (like the one below)
but it kinda looks like a dying snake,
or a noodle. ;-)
Thank you all for being here with me
during this past year (and the years before!)
There is magic in connecting with others,
whether it be in person or on-line,
and don't fool yourself into thinking
that an on-line connection is any less important than a personal one.
In this past year, I've been inspired by many people through my monitor,
and through words on a page.
I have formed many friendships on-line that will last a long, long time.
The more we realize we are a global community,
the more we realize how alike we all are, deep down inside -
even if our cultures or races or traditions are very different -
the more compassion we have for one another.
You are all very important to me
and i am so grateful to have been touched by so many of you
and look forward to continued connections in the coming year!

Love and peace to all for 2014!


  1. Happy New Year dear lady! Wishing a year of creative abundance and good health! Nothing more gorgeous than white snow covered trees against the blue sky! Crisp and beautiful! That dog photo is adorable...makes me smile ear to ear..they only lay like that when they feel completely safe or if you make them...lol Poutine râpée looks soooo yummy and reminds me a little of perogys...which is my favourite. Thanks for sharing your amazing art and heart here on the blog! I always enjoy hearing what you have to show and tell!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Happy New Year Pauline!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to put emphasis on the word New. because I want this means, we start again with new hopes, new projects, new ideas, and it always, always, is good
    So: Happy NEW Year for you, Pauline!! :)

  3. Happy, happy New Year dear Pauline!! You were a brave one heading out in that weather. The things we do for our loved ones. Looks like the food (and drink, and sleep) was all worth it. Thanks for sharing your snowy photos. That's even more snow than I'd wish for! Glad you're keeping warm and are happy back in your little blue studio. Can't wait to see what lovely creations and magical words of wisdom come flowing out of it this year. xoxo

  4. Love the post! Your dog is adorable! I bet the little fluff ball would just disappear in all that snow!

  5. Happy New Year Pauline. I hope that 2014 will be a great year for you and your family.

    We have had lots and lots of rain but no snow so I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I really love looking out the window and watching the snow fall. It is magical.

  6. That picture of Fluffy has MADE MY DAY.

    Wishing you a year of unfettered blessings and plenty of time in the blue room. xxx

  7. Though a bit late, happy new year.I will be visiting often to keep admiring your art:)

  8. That was a mean set of weather systems that befell us all...
    your dad's dog Fluffy is so cute... that is how I feel when I have to drive anywhere (but I rarely go anywhere except to get groceries(necessity)!!!
    So glad you were safe on the roads during your trip.