Tuesday, December 3, 2013

small art is still better than no art

i read this quote in my SOUL PANCAKE book.
Savage and beautiful life...
yes, that's exactly what it is.
It is both,
and anytime we expect it to be ALL beautiful -
we get derailed, don't we?
(pencil on paper)
It is not all beautiful,
but nor is it all savage.
Living my life in a way that i see both
really matters to me.
I don't want to stay stuck in happiness
anymore than i want to stay stuck in pain
because neither would be an honest life.
So as hard as it is sometimes
to understand why some lives are cut so short,
like the four young men near here a few days ago...
that's all part of the mystery, isn't it?
My mother would say
some things just happen
and aren't meant to be understood.
(watercolor on paper)
Whenever my heart feels heavy,
i usually end up making small art.
it's like i don't want to commit to anything too big,
just in case i throw in the towel halfway through.
i guess maybe that explains
why i'm not married either. ;-)
i have some old business cards
that i no longer use
so i use the back of the cards for doodling.
I started this one with a scribble in red marker
and then added color & detail
when i thought a saw a woman...
ok, she's a Picasso-like woman,
but still - a woman. (wink wink)

thanks for being here.
Here's a video of one of my favorite songs of the season,
by the beautiful Sarah McLaughlin...
another proud Canadian girl. I hope you like it.


  1. your doodles are adorable! I must say I envy you I can never do small art or doodle art on a small card. I always GO LARGE and then if I stuff it up I just use the back of the paper. Happy PPF

  2. Whoever said it was a rule that savage ISN'T beautiful? I have been wanting to create small art all day today and didn't. I mostly had hands full of paper mache. :~)

    Your work is so delightful and I love Diane Ackerman so this visit could not be lovelier!

  3. popping up from CED, your paintings are amazing ! love them !

  4. I absolutely love your little doodles! Thanks for sharing that video! Love both the singer and the video .... ♥

  5. LOVE the small art - your strawberries are perfect!! The doodles on the back of your business cards are so "you" - full of personality!
    Must be something in the air - I made an ATC tonight which I never do - seems so small - LOL!

  6. She surely is a beautiful woman. Keep painting, keep producing...