Sunday, December 1, 2013

LIFE vs a big screen tv

hello out there...
I was going to write a post yesterday
about how crazy ridiculous we've become
as pathetic consumers.
The whole Black Friday thing
makes me nauseous, to be honest.
We've become addicted
to having stuff.
There are people on the planet
who don't eat
and we trample one another to death
for a big screen TV.
And we still see ourselves
as more evolved than other animals.
Sometimes, i really am fucking disgusted
by the things we do.
The whole thing just makes me sad
that we value things
more than we do a life.
I was going to write about consumerism
when i awoke yesterday.
But then the news came
that there had been a car accident near here
and four teenagers had died...
Four young men,
who went to school with my son...
Three who graduated last year,
one who was graduating this year, with my son.

The Christmas prom was cancelled last night,
and instead, they opened the school
for friends to gather and grieve together
during a difficult time for so many.
my heart broke...
It is still broken, but slowly piecing the pain together
in a way that is manageable.
And i am not THE parent... i am a parent.
i cannot imagine such sorrow.
We must never lose sight
of what we have in one another.
We must never lose sight
while we have one another.

Thank you for being here.
Hugs to all of you.


  1. An amazing post, Pauline. I knew the 'sales' were bad over there at this time of year but I was absolutely horrified to see one customer trying to tazer another! People seriously need to wake up to themselves!

    So very sad about the four young boys dying. We've had similar happen here and it's truly heart-wrenching when it does. As a parent, we can only imagine the pain their parents must be going through. Prayers and thoughts go out to their families. xo

  2. Very well written post and I so agree with some of your views. Wonderful pages showing the agony.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. This is so powerful and true... I wrote down that quote before I even finished this post! How horrible. Those poor families and all the classmates...a horrible way to start the season. We are on the same page about the consumerism.... I can't say I didn't fall prey to it in the past...but that has long gone... We enjoy the spirit of life more now! Thank goodness! It's a lot less stressful too!! Thanks for putting yourself out there with such verve!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Being a parent, that's the worst kind of news to read. So very sad! Put a lump in my throat ...