Tuesday, December 10, 2013

jitter free coffee please...

It always seems impossible
until it's done.
- Nelson Mandela
i'm flying by the seat of my pants today
but i'm posting anyway.

i have no one thing in particular to share
but several things,
in no particular order,
so strap yourselves in folks...
here we go!

Books, books, and more books.
Some women can't have enough shoes,
for me, it's books.
There's a second hand place near my home
where you can get great books at great prices.
The Anne Frank book was $2.00
My kinda shopping...
i bought these books on Amazon.
Merry Early Christmas to me. ;-)
and when i read these words in the Seth Godin book,
my heart felt at home.
i love breaking rules,
so this fits right into my master plan. ;-)
a little bit of art. 
very little.
i alternate between painting and writing
only these days,
i seem to be reading more than anything.
Course, there's Christmas too.
i never get stressed out about that,
but i have started preparing, here and there.
Some women have everything done like in October.
i say women, because most men are never that anal.
At least not the men i know.
i wait till the first sign of a snowflake
before i even think of Christmas.
If ever i live in the South,
where there is no snow at all,
i'll be screwed.
 the mess on my table in the studio this morning...
another mess, on another table...

i ordered this book. Love Austin Kleon
and i loved his book STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST.
If you're not familiar with him,
check him out.
some of his blackout poetry
which i love as well.

and of course, this was written JUST for me. 
(i'm writing it, i'm writing it!) ;-)

love this (by Caroline Paul)

Reading some of Susan Sontag's journals as well...
Love her writing....

and her art...

i try to fill my time with things that fill me.
i avoid energy drainers
like facebook or Pinterest
or too much TV (especially the news)
or toxic people
or blogs that are just too shiny & sparkly
and make me feel
like my life is crap
whenever i visit them.

i need to be reminded now and then
that we're all tainted.
We're all broken
in one way or another,
no matter how hard some people
try to pretend that they're not.

What are your energy drainers?
Can you identify some of them?
With the new year around the corner,
maybe it's a good time
to think about getting rid of some of them...
even if only slowly at first.
Better slow than not at all.
Susannah Conway has a free workbook called
unravelling the year ahead 2014
You might want to check it out
and brace yourself for a good year.

Love & lollipops!


  1. I am familiar with Hugh McLeod's blog.. and the Ignore Everybody is something I really relate to. but it took me years to get there. Great choice of books and authors.

  2. I ignore many things that make me nervous ---
    more and more..and I get so much better since I decided to do...

    ... I don't join facebook it's to fluffy for me -also the most magazines and the news... all is fluufy and wnat's us all make
    externery controlled in my mind - a but I really like all my subscribed Pinterest Boards ..
    only art and quotes.. yummie yummie yummie .. that makes my creativity flow...
    The best for me from all those newtangled inbternet damn! lol.

    wonderful post - great ARt Journaling!
    Happ PPF!

  3. "Ignore everybody"I NEED that. I have made changes that have ruffled a few feathers. I have definitely put the energy vampires on the back burner...Things I get stuck on are energy vampires for me...

    Love Autin Kleon too... one of his wonderful blurbs went viral a while back, it was so inspiring...can't find it though. I must check out a few of those books. Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Great post! This is what I love every time I check in at Creative Every Day---I discover visual artists, like you and your beautiful blue picture, and word artists, like you and your quirky poems, and get new ideas--I read a lot but I've never even heard of any of the books you mention--which gives me even more to explore. hanks for posting all of it. Happy Holidays

  5. Hello! Love to see your creativity in full flow on every level ~ painting, writing, musing about things in your lovely down to earth, no bullshit wise way. And you are so far the FIRST AND ONLY person to say almost nothing about busyness, anxiety, stress etc > 'I don't get stressed about Christmas' that I've come across. SO REFRESHING DUDE, I can't tell you. Puts a whole new perspective on it instantly.

    I've been reading a lot too; got me some very exciting books from the library {one of my favourite things ever}, including two about art ~ one called Women Artists and one by Simon Schama called Power of Art. Exciting times!

  6. Some wonderful words. Yes, trawling through tho blogs of people with perfect lives, it drains me, I'm hooked on it, I need help! On the plus side I don't get stressed about Christmas. I send some cards (most years), buy a few presents when I have good ideas, and figure that if people are upset because I forgot them or couldn't think of a worthwhile present then that's their problem. I certainly wouldn't dream of unfriending someone because they didn't send me a card or buy me a present. I found the Susan Conway workbook last night co-incidentally, looks good.
    p.s. can't do mess as well as me, I must go and photograph mine. My workroom would look like your mess AFTER I'd tidied up!

  7. First and foremost, thank you so much for the Christmas card. Obviously sent post-snow--love it! I used to be all prepped early and ready to go for Christmas but I was much younger then...who has the energy?? You've given me soooo many books to check out. I have a serious addiction myself. Like Serious. Love, love, love books. Great list of energy drainers. Can I add just 'people'. Boy do I need a day or six with the house to myself!! xoxo