Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vincent (by Don McLean)

A song i still love as much as the first time i heard it...


  1. One of my favourite songs, it tells such a story and is so full of feeling.

  2. I first heard this song when I was in my teens, and have never forgotten it since. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Pauline you are extremely friendly in your concepts about my simple sketched ideas, you make me blush
    Well, yes, I think they should have sex, (and I assume they have) they are like on a desert island, and there is no reason not to have fun, right?
    Pauline, this beautiful song I did not know, thanks for making it known. there are goose bumps on my skin
    Vinvent is one of the painters whose life comes closer to my heart,
    I read the letters to his brother, and I've felt so sorry for him many times
    maybe it's a way of seeing ourselves in the insane side that we all have somewhere in our brain.

    Your posts are so extensive that it is a bit difficult for me to read and understand the meaning,(this is not a criticism, just show my inability to understand the English language) but I try to do it, and besides, I like to see your art.
    Thank you again! :))))

  4. Oh me, too!!! I haven't heard it for a while. Thanks, lady!! :)