Wednesday, September 12, 2012

why words matter...

hello peeps!

I'm back from a few days away 
and looking forward to getting my work done so i can get back
to some serious painting and journaling and blogging again. :-)

My weekend was not as relaxing as i was planning it would be, but still...
family time, book shopping, an outdoor concert, swimming... 
So all in all, it was good for the soul.

A few years back, a good friend of mine gave me this journal book.
Actually, I feel like a teeny bopper when i say this,
but she's my best friend... * hallo Lucille!!*

I wrote in a few of the pages, and then put the book aside.
As weeks passed (and months)... and i forgot about it!

I actually forgot that i had it. 

So now I have this beautiful, almost empty little journal
with quotes on every page to prompt me to CREATE every day. :-)

Feels like Christmas to me. 

The pages are thicker than regular paper, so it holds paint quite well.
So i'll be playing in this little journal for a while...

I've been thinking about this idea for a while now...

We all have that big ass dream in life, right?

We all have that ONE thing we wish we could do,
but somehow never find the time,

the energy,

the money,

the guts,

the *fill in the blank*

For me, it's writing a book.

I know, everyone and their dog has written a book these days it seems,
but still - it's one of my dreams.

ONE of my dreams. ;-)

I've met some pretty damn interesting people in my life,
and they've all taught me something, one way or another.

The girl above and her story are true.

The kind of book i'd love to write
is an illustrated book, with little tidbits of writing and painting
on each page.

Kinda like this one, only more well thought out. :-)

I did this last night as a sample on a small postcard size,
just to get a feel for what it could look like.

Whenever i write anything,
I always wonder whether others will find it interesting or not,
because it's about my life and those i've crossed paths with...

But then i remind myself of the books i've read,
and how i've loved so many that had nothing to do with me.

Shared stories.

That's what it's about, isn't it?

They remind me of how connected we all are,
regardless of where we live in the world.

How universal so many things are...
like love.



  1. By all means DO IT! Write that book! It's all about life's little wisdoms, and people like to read that. At least, I do! I love your sample, it looks great!

  2. I always love reading your blogposts and seeing your lovely pics. That looks an ideal book with the quotations in it, and the Trumpet girl story is really heart-warming.

    Yes, you should write a book, people are interested in what you say and in your pictures. As a published author of many books, and as a publisher for some time, here is my recipe for being able to approach writing a book:

    - Decide what your book is about
    - Look at the type of publisher you would like to have your book published by and consider their output
    - Think about what it would look like (something like your Trumpet girl painting and text, or perhaps even two to a page would be good)
    - Decide how long it will be, how many pages (if you work as mentioned in the second point above that's fairly easy), say 120 or so seems to be about right for books of this type
    - Divide this number into sections or chapters focussing on different techniques or ideas or themes so, say, 10 into 120 would be average of 12 pages each
    - Decide on a few themes/idea for a few sections to get you started: other ideas will come as you work
    - Perhaps do a bit in different sections rather than trying to complete one first.

    People generally look at the idea of a whole book and freeze up, but if you look at just one section like this and think what's 10 or 12 pages (some of which will be intros and contents etc), then Bob's your uncle you get stuck into it straight away.

    Trumpet girl is lovely -don't be tempted to think things out better. Be yourself, do what you already do so well.

    OK, so you can do it, a bit at a time - not rush, no pressure - just enjoy it. But you can do it.

    Hope this helps you, and perhaps anyone else who would like to write a book. Sorry if this comment is too long. Jez XX

  3. I love the pages you've done here. Why not try a book? You'll never know unless you make the attempt?


  4. oh Jez... you got me SO pumped now, i want to skip my work for the day and get straight to that first chapter!! :-) THANK YOU so much... so kind of you to share this. xox

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes, write a book. You have so much to share with the world. I love seeing your words and your art and to have them altogether in a book would be great. And if I can give one tiny bit of advice. Enjoy the process and have fun on the journey!

  6. Personally you are one of my favorite writers on here...along with Tracey!! You have profound things to share, and your art is always interesting. I love your blog and when I lost my side bar list I went looking for you!! Definitely write a book I will be the first one to purchase it! I'm sure there are many posts on your blog that you could draw from!! Just remember to be yourself, even if it's controversial!! You are very unique and that's what I love about you!!

    I too want to do something similar but not the same....I have important stories and poetry in the depths of my blog that I want to illustrate, especially for friends and family!!

    You go girl!! I have so much faith that you will be a success...keep your blog up while doing it, because I know editors expect you to have a blog!!

    I say all this with complete sincerity, sadly I can sometimes be honest to a fault!!

    Good luck!! I believe in you!!! Thanks for sharing this intimate dream!! I look forward to following your journey!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I got sooo excited about you writing a book I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your trumpet girl and her story!!

    Also I have a few beautiful daily journals with quotes that friends have bought me over the years. I have also written in them for a little bit...I am inspired to use mine too!! Thanks for that!!

    Well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. wow, just found your blog, lots of really wonderful words and images, write that book, I think people will love it, Nina

  9. Omg...I love this post and love your blog- a book? you could do it!

  10. Follow your dream!! You write really really well. As a reader it feels like you write effortlessly. Your illustration of the trumpet player is great. I love that idea.
    Also LIKE that journal book and what you did on those pages. That green/orange/grey color combo knocks me out.

  11. Write the book dude! One of my lifelong dreams is the same; I've done 10,500 words so far and even if it never sees the light of day or becomes an actual book you can hold in your hands, the process of writing for me is total bliss. It is worth it for that alone.

    Your idea reminds me of a gorgeous book I have called 'Mostly True: Collected Stories and Drawings' by Brian Andreas. I think your idea is lovely and would defo read your book! :) xx

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed your cheerful art and beautiful words :)

  13. I love your trumpet girl and the story. Can totally see you doing pages like this with your very own stories...just as free as this one. Yes! Go for it!

    Oh, and that journal from you BFF is really cool. ;)

  14. Love your blog. You should TOTALLY write a book like that.

  15. Yes, please - write your book! I always think all of us have our own unique stories to tell, in one way or another. Writing is yet another creative outlet. Even though everyone else on earth seems to have written a book already, yours will be unique because it is your story/thoughts. Go for it! :-)

  16. Such a fantastic idea, perfect for you, Pauline!! :]
    A book... yes!!! You have my support and encouragement following you all the way. ~xx
    GO GIRL, GO!!

  17. This is a TERRIFIC idea!! You are a tremendous writer as evidenced by this blog- sign me up for a preorder!

  18. First, I love that journal with its creativity prompts. What a treasure!

    But Pauline, nothing would be better than a book from you. You know I absolutely adore how you write. Your words flow like water. And your artistic abilities are boundless. Any book you write/illustrate would be top of my list. I can't wait to see it up and ready for purchase xoxox

  19. Pauline, we only know each other as well as the Internet allows, but one thing I KNOW about you is that you have a natural, extraordinary ability to convey your thoughts with words. I would be one of the first in line to get a book written by you. Your blog is one of the few that I take the time to read WORD FOR WORD. Your sample page is wonderful. Please carry on! ♥

  20. Your comments make my heart tingle... honest. So much love here... THANK YOU. xox