Monday, September 17, 2012

why the WHY's are more important than the HOW's

hello friends!

I did this one rather quickly last night (like 15 minutes).
I took a few pics of the steps along the way,
but this morning, somehow, i erased them before i could download. :-(

No masterpiece, but at least it's something.

When i was younger, i wanted to be an architect.

I also wanted to be an archeologist, an astronaut,
and a missionary in a third world country.

But that's another post. ;-)

In my late 20's, after having worked at crappy jobs for a decade,
i decided i would attend university and finally become an architect.

Since i had been out of school for so long, i took a year of Pre-technology
to brush up on my math and science skills.

And during that year, i thought i would lose my mind. 

Math, Physics, Chemistry - what was i thinking?!

Needless to say, my plans changed,
and i became a Graphic Designer rather than an architect.

And eventually, i became a full blown artist.

i'm still somewhat of an archeologist - only rather than dig in dirt,
i dig into myself and the world around me to make sense of things. :-)

There are lots of great architects out there, and
Sarah Susanka is one of my favorites.

Her books on architecture are beautiful... both the photos and the writing.

Which is why i almost had a heart attack when i saw this book by her...

I've begun reading it, and so far, i love it.

I believe questions are important.

It's one thing to live our lives a certain way,
but isn't it important to know why we make certain choices?

The why's are more important to me than the how's.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Enjoyed reading this post, and agree with the points you make, and as always impressed with how lovely your speedily done pieces of artwork are.
    Now, how's this for co-incidence. The blogpost I was intending to post this morning before we suddenly had to go out and spend the morn,ing on something far less enjoyable, has one piece about 'Imagine' with my own little 'cut the lines out of a book' saying.
    Life is imposing itself too much on our time at the moment, but I'm hoping that later this afternoon I can put the post up - hope you will visit to check on 'Imagine'.

  2. This is a thoughty post, yet again. I have a list of questions I pose to myself in moments and times of confusion. Sometimes I have to rewrite a question to fit the circumstance I'm wanting to learn from. But that is the great thing; I Now see things as the gifts they are, building my strength or letting me learn important lessons from them.

  3. Great post, and good reminders to keep asking questions. I like your archeology analogy! And thanks for the book recommendation.

  4. I took a gander at Sarahs book. Great questions dear to my heart. I'm always asking myself questions. Lots of food for thought in this post!! Thanks for sharing more interesting parts of yourself!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Very thoughtful post. Love the art as always.

  6. Lovely pages, the colors are great and I really like the quote. Very nice post. :)

  7. I will go check this book out. It does look womderful...I really like this post...wish I could Favorite it! Thanks, kath

  8. Another lovely post and some great questions to ask ourselves. Thanks for your kind comment yesterday. Your postcard is in the mail my friend! xx

  9. As always, an excellent post, Pauline. It seems the Whys never go away....

  10. I love the lines in this- both the red and the turquoise ones! Isn't it funny how where we think we are going and where we end up are so different yet related!

  11. Great thoughts to ponder... again... You tend to do that to me:-)

  12. Great post! I agree. The examined life is the only way to go. Ask why? But never forget to play. :)