Tuesday, March 20, 2012

surprise purple bird

hi peoples!

A few years ago,
i came across something on the net called black out poetry.

It's basically using text in newspapers,
or magazines or books,
and hiding (or blacking out) the words you don't need
for the creation of your own masterpiece poem. :-)

You can see a sample here...

I began this journal page last night
thinking about black out poems...

only my poem ended up being loose words
just scattered across the page

And the text i chose happened to be
from a boring article about finances.


Still - i managed to find a few choice words in there.

The purple bird just kinda happened
when i began to contour a few leaves
and saw the shape of a bird.

Well, ok, i kinda made it into the shape of a bird. 

This is a photo i took this morning, in natural light.
What a difference it makes, huh?

These colors are much closer to reality,
although the leaves are a punchier lime green.

And speaking of green...

let's talk money for a minute.

I read a lot,
although i've never been interested in books like these.
But this morning at the book store,
this one caught my eye
and practically jumped off the shelf and into my hands.

Published in 1937 - before it was even cool to be rich. :-)

I was raised to believe
that money is the root of all evil,
that money can't buy happiness
that those who seek wealth are selfish,
that real wealth is found
in a kind heart
rather than a full bank account.

I suspect i was raised this way
because we had no money.

I believe the greatest thing about having money
is being able to share it.

Being able to use it somehow
to inspire others
to reach their potential...
to realize their own dreams.

And one by one,
make the world a better place.

Maybe I'm naive to think this way -
but i know that in the end, i'd feel better about my life
knowing that I had lived it with an open heart,
rather than hoarding everything to myself.

Hoarding anything is unhealthy.

Especially art.



  1. Love your black out art Pauline! And I love that you paint birds. Whenever I attempt to paint intuitively or create anything, birds find their way into the creation. Or maybe i put them there, they are quite beautiful, afterall.

    I was raised with the same values around money and we too, had no money, go figure!

    So grateful that you have a sharing heart!!

  2. That's a wonderful! I liked this technique. Also, the purple bird that grew out of the leaf. Well, our talents are our 'wealth' and, you have not only shared it, but also inspired.:)

  3. Made me smile :). I've used clipped words and headlines from newspapers to create poems or act as starters. Always fun.

    As for financial books I like The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton. Although money doesn't buy happiness or health, having enough sure makes focusing on the act of living more pleasant ;).

    Stay inspired!

  4. Very fun! I love words and found poetry like this. Your colors and shapes are very cheerful and pretty.

  5. Hi Pauline, thank you for popping by. Love black out poem. I haven't heard of it before...great fun. Yes more of the evil stuff would be good... :)

  6. Black out poetry...I was trying just the other day to remember what it was called. It's a really cool technique, and I love what you've done with it here--really liking these colors, too!

    BTW, thanks for your comment about lettering...I just signed up for a class...yea :)

  7. Another wonderful post, Pauline! I so agree with you on the money issue; I would love to have lots of money to share :-)
    Your journal page is so beautiful! I can't draw, or paint, but I like the idea of putting words together like that, have to think about another way of working with them :-)

  8. Love seeing the progress of your painting and word scattering. :)
    I was raised much the same. We weren't well to do, either--LOL! Probably middle class or lower middle class, I suppose. I think if I did ever have money that what you could do with it to help others would be a top priority--yes! Otherwise I'd be selfish and go straight to hell, right? LOL! ;)

  9. Hi Pauline! So nice to meet you. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I LOVE this idea of black out poetry. I really like how your page came out. I read that book about 20 years ago and it really works. It helped me to have a successful home based retouching business for 12 years (until I got bored). I would love to have money to give away! I try to do so now by leaving larger than normal tips at restaurants, etc. Great post! Have an awesome week. :-)

  10. This is such a lovely piece, INDEED.
    The colors are delightful and the creative way you "scattered" the words... LOVE IT!! :]

    Love what you had to say here today, thank you for sharing your thoughts. ((hugs))
    I too, strongly believe... sharing art is very powerful, priceless <3

  11. Black out poetry - what an awesome technique. Thanks for sharing it - I can't wait to try. You have inspired me - the joy that creativity can bring is priceless!!

  12. Hello Pauline, happy to visit here again, and read your musings and share in your art. Your journal pages are always such fun! The painting below of your porch view is lovely, what a beautiful view you have, so peaceful! I'm glad Spring has arrived your way, enjoy!

  13. You left a comment on my blog (which I've just started). Thanks for the encouragement AND that gave me a chance to see your blog. Really enjoyed it. I read the post on life coaches and I was JUST thinking a smilier thing (seminars on getting in touch with a spiritual force - for a fee), so that was kinda weird. Also love the view from your porch. Enjoy CED!

  14. oh how happy happy this makes me. I am digging this style, and have been playing with this a little myself lately!

  15. oh, and love your take on money here!

  16. Thank you all for such kind comments...

    Zafaran - you made my heart all tingly...
    Cat - you're gonna be one fabulous letter-er. :-)
    Rita - no one is going to hell. Especially not you. :-)
    April - so glad you're here...

    To EVERYONE: your comments always make me feel warm & fuzzy. Oh wait. Maybe that's menopause... LOL! Nah, it's the comments. I am forever grateful. xoxo

  17. Great work, as always :) Just wanted to let you know i've been hearing great things about your show at the college - people really like your work.

    I also really like your last little bit in this post "Hoarding anything is unhealthy, especially art" :)

  18. Your work is so inspiring! What a great idea for creating a poem as well as a base for a visual image.

    The excerpt from the book sounds like something I heard when I was growing up. It's the latter part - the giving part - that is what I think truly makes the world a better place. If more people would think along these lines...imagine how different the world would be. Gives me pause for thought this morning.

  19. Wonderful artwork, especially when drawn from such a soulless area as finance.

    Money, you can't take it with you when you go.

  20. Wow! Transforming a boring article about finance into a beautiful bird, soaring on poetry?
    Now that's what I call genius!
    Your words reminded me of something: when I was in my final year of high school I had the lead in the school musical "Hello Dolly". Dolly had this great line about how money was just like manure: it wasn't worth much unless it was spread around, encouraging younger things to grow (or something like that!).

  21. Hello Pauline, and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I too love this page you have created, and am also always on the hunt for words. Book making is very addictive, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  22. that black-out poetry knocked me out! WOW, what a great idea!! How are you doing? I've been MIA lately but glad to come visit and catch up on your posts!Take care, FranT XO

  23. What a fun thing to do! I want to try that! Your page looks great. Inspiring!

  24. Well, talking about coincidences....
    This week I have been working on some collage dollies (you can see a sample in my last post) like you. And while looking for new books at the library, I stumbled upon Napolen Hill's ones! I must say that I live in Italy. and this makes me think that imagination and thoughts can connect through space. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  25. Philippe: MERCI. Makes my heart smile... :-)
    Harvest Moon: thank you for the kind words
    Nigel: You always have such a way with words. You make me smile. :-)
    Kat: i am FAR from genius, by ok. If you say so. ;-) Loved your HELLO DOLLY manure reference. Giggle.
    Kim, bookmaking: yes, i'll learn lots from you i think.
    Fran: SO NICE TO SEE YOU!!! :-) i've been missing your lovely paintings - please come back soon. xoxo
    Elin: thank you so much...
    Simona: we're all connected one way or another, aren't we? Maybe you and I more than we think? :-)

  26. I love this idea with the newspaper cut-outs. I'll have to try this sometime - thanks for the step by step pictures xx

  27. This is a very cool idea... and you have made it striking.