Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rex Ray: Art and Design

I saw this video last week on Julie's lovely site (Spaark - Artistically Afflicted)
and i just had to share for those of you who aren't familiar with Rex Ray.

Rex Ray. Artist. Collage lover. Designer extraordinaire. :-)
I love this guy.

This is for all of you out there
who ever feel like you're wasting time
when you're collaging or playing with paints.

Rex reminds us all
that playing is good.

That being creative is the essence of life itself.

That developing our own style
or body of work,
isn't always obvious or even necessary
and that the true pleasure
is the process itself.

He also reminded me that
there's room for everyone
and that we all see the world differently
and we should all embrace each others' views
and learn from one another
rather than compete and compare.

What works for one artist
may not work for another.

When i worked as a designer
for a large corporation
i often felt like a fish out of water.

i am not only working from home
- i am at home.

So let yourself be inspired by Rex
and take out those magazines
and spread them out everywhere
and use those scissors you love
to cut whatever your little heart desires
and play baby - play!


  1. Wow! YES!!! I enjoyed watching the video and totally agree that art should be h-eart at play. Liberating!I gave up almost two decade old career as professor to be at home, doing what I have always loved doing - painting. I love being myself.
    Your blog and the warmth of your posts are sooo good. It makes me happy to come here.

  2. What a cool video--thanks for sharing that! Of course, now I want to go cut and paste stuff, and I really don't need another project... ;)

  3. I really enjoyed this video. I seem to be hearing the same message over and over. It's time for me to play. Thank you for another reminder that I am taking myself way too seriously. I need to have fun with my paints.

  4. Ahh, I love Rex Ray's work! I did a Love It post on him a while back {I think; if I didn't I really should have}. I really like that part where he has a sort of library of collaged panels and can pull them out like books! He has such an amazing eye for colour and pattern. I was interested to see also that he seems to use wallpaper paste to glue the pieces down; maybe that's a lot better than pva which gets all lumpy and dirty. {Or maybe that's just when I use it.}

  5. Thanks for sharing :).
    Stay inspired!

  6. Very interesting and very inspiring! Thanks so much Pauline!! xx

  7. That was very interesting that he was just doing that for fun because he loved it and now it is what he does full time. Wow! :):)

  8. Love it!!!
    Such a fantastic video, thank you for sharing :]

  9. Good Morning Pauline, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a post...

    Well as your blog says grab a coffee and stay awhile and indeed I have!! What a wonderful blog you have.

    The Video of Rex Ray is awesome and flooded back memories to myself when I used to love to collage!! I have not played like that in many many years!
    Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Love this video! I love to play - - messages found in magazines are so much fun! xoxo

  11. thanks for sharing this pauline! i love his work & attitude, so refreshing. xoxo kristina

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