Friday, March 23, 2012

flower fairy, wings and waves

Everyone should carefully observe
which way his heart draws him,
and then choose that way
with all his strength.

- Hasidic saying

It's Friday, the sun is shining
and I feel a song comin' on... 

I really wasn't sure about this one,
but a while ago,
i had sketched this in pencil
with the words 
"is there anyone out there?"

I put paint to paper,
but once i got this far,
the words didn't seem to make sense anymore.

So instead of the words,
i put a bird.

The bird is the word.

I usually go with my first instinct,
but this little flower winged fairy
just didn't seem to be someone who would question
whether or not there was anyone out there.

Check out some of the other
wonderfully talented artists out there.
Get inspired.
Get pumped.
Get the paints.

I certainly had myself a party here this morning...

Here's my one rule when I sit myself down to paint:

coffee on left.
water for brushes on right.

I painted this one this morning as well.
The sea.

Inspired by the sea,
the heat wave we had yesterday,
and the promise of summer on its way!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Do something that makes you smile.


  1. Hello Pauline, what positive feelings full of sun! I feel a happy light mood here and it's bright like Spring! Have a fun and sunny week-end!xx

  2. Thank you for your good cheer. Your paintings look great. I especially love the striking color and design of the wave painting. What a beautiful words in that Hasadic saying.

  3. Loving your wonderful painting, so much fun. Love your golden rule, must try and remember that as often dip my paint brush in the coffee. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Now I have that silly song in my head--ROFL!!

    She is darling! And I love your waves, too. :)

  5. Love your strong colors and geometric shapes. Your fairy is delightful and the bird was a perfect touch!

  6. Your fairy made me happy just looking at her. So precious!

  7. lovely spring like images today! Very cheerful.

  8. Really cute. I love the feet! Sweet!!

    Happy PPF!

  9. love love love your work. So much fun. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, it is much appreciated.

  10. I love your little fairy, what a look on her face, but the sea is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing :).
    Stay inspired!

  11. Such cute lovely painting, just warm my heart to look at it. And your one rule is so right. Well Done!

  12. Cute painting... and I loved the waves piece... of course my first thought was what if the bird decides to do what birds do... she does look a little apprehensive... have I ever told you about the bird that poops on my dog all the seriously gets him at least once a month during summer... luckily we wave goodbye to him as the weather cools and poor Mushu gets a reprieve... mind you he is dumb enough to keep sitting in the same spot so maybe he deserves it... have a great week...xx

  13. I love your work-space! And those artworks are filled with spring! :)

  14. The bird was the perfect choice- she is so happy and sunny!! Love your waves- I can't wait for the water either!!!

  15. What a fun painting! I really did enjoy watching it develop and compliment you on having the foresight to photograph each step. Your painting is delightful as well as beautifully done. I understood about the coffee cup and the water for brushes having to be on different sides. I've almost drunk brush water too many times! LOL!

  16. So gorgeous, I love these! Your art made me smile today. (and good rule too) ;)

  17. WONDERFUL!!!
    Love your post :]
    I can "feel" the energy coming from these paintings. I really like the way you created the waves for your sea painting, colors are "blissful".
    Let me think here... coffee on the left and paintbrushes on the right, you are right handed??
    Have an "artful" day ((hugs))

  18. I'm sure I've said this before but I absolutely love your style Pauline. Your stylized lines and crisp colors are how I most would love to paint. Those waves would be a lovely addition to my ocean wall...I'm off to visit your Etsy shop for them... xx

  19. These are both adorable! I really love your style. The colors and the clean line are gorgeous.

  20. How cute! Love the fun and bright colors. :)

  21. Your upward looking fairy would make a terrific greeting card. It's such a happy, hopeful painting. Love the waves, wouldn't that design be a fantastic mural on the side of a swimming pool?

  22. Oh, she takes my breath away, simply wonderful!!!!!

  23. Your paintings are so happy and positive - they really make me smile! Love the girl in the green skirt, the way she is looking up at the bird is so cute!

  24. THANK YOU all so much for the wonderful comments. I must admit I read them more than once.

    TRACEY: i love your sense of humour. Of COURSE my little fairy would look apprehensive to you! LOL!

    FAYE: i don't know an artist who hasn't come close to drinking brush water at least once. ;-)

    APRIL: you got it, i am right handed! :-)

    CARLAREY: hmmmm.... a mural on the side of a swimming pool... so many possibilities! :-) xoxo

  25. I love the sea painting too! The lines, the colours...