Monday, April 2, 2012

Joy Seeker

We do not remember days,
we remember moments.
Cesare Pavese

Statistics show that there are higher rates of heart attacks
on Mondays than any other day of the week.

I believe this is because
so many of us work at jobs we hate.

I hope you're not one of them...

and if you are,
i wish you baby steps towards 
an eventual peaceful, gentle exit.

We often stay in a crappy job
because we need to pay the bills,
we need to eat.

Most of us tend to believe we need this job
to make ends meet. 
We need to make this much money
otherwise, everything would fall apart, right?


I'm here to tell you 
that it won't fall apart.
That there may even be a chance
that you'll be happier in the end.

I speak from experience.

When i lost my job (several years ago now)
we were in the process of building a new home.

My salary was the most stable of the two
and we had our 8 year old son to care for.
Two weeks after i lost my job,
my husband was laid off.

Long story short: we not only survived,
but we strived.

We spent less, worked hard,
compromised (temporarily)
and kept our courage.

We discovered that as long as we had a place to sleep
and food on the table,
we were ok.

This isn't the 1920's anymore...
there are so many other options out there
to set you free from work that makes you feel 
like a caged bird.

We discovered that we really needed
far less things than we thought.

And you need far less than you think.

Unless of course,
you're keeping up with the Jones'.
If that's the case, 
then yes,
you need a shitload of money. :-)

I believe there is more value to be found
in watching waves on the shore
or a soaring bird in a blue filled sky
than in any Lexus,
or Rolex,
or Gucci bag.

Of course i still work,
but i work to live,
I don't live to work.

And I do what i love as much as i can.

That includes art & writing,
listening to good music,
meditative morning walks,
watching the waves
and the soaring birds
in the blue filled sky...

Wishing you all your own blue filled sky today...
and maybe even a pretty flower. 


  1. Love the pic and the wonderful words of husband (sole bread winner) lost his job of 30 years in we hear whether or not he has a new job...


  2. Your post reminds me of a financial article I read Sunday- it encouraged people to buy experiences not stuff. Stuff loses value- experiences grow in value each time you recount them! Keeping up with the Jones's is so detrimental!

  3. Cottage Remnant: Keep your chin up. Trust that you'll be ok. :-)
    Carolyn: YES!! i am SO about buying experiences and not things... xoxo

  4. I agree with your thoughts. Work to live, not, live to work!

  5. Awww.... this is super!!
    Thank you, you made my day! ((hugs))
    I love your illustration too, she is adorable.
    Sending you a flower too, happy Monday :]

  6. Love your piece. She's adorable and your lettering is superb! But cannot thank you enough for the reassurances and encouragement. How'd ya know that was just what I've been needing?? :-) xx

  7. oh Lorinda... have i neglected to tell you that i'm also a psychic in my spare time? ;-)

  8. Beautiful strong and encouraging words. The artwork is wonderful.

  9. Hello Pauline, that's just so! I agree completely. We just need to enjoy the simplest of things and be grateful for them. Have a good week Pauline, enjoy your moments and thanks for sharing your soulful thoughts with us!

  10. Was gonna tell you how much I like this (art + words) but I guess you already being a psychic and all ;)

  11. Encouraging words! And such a Cute image!

  12. I totally agree with you. Too many of us live beyond our means just to have more stuff and don't really live our lives. Smell those roses!! :)

  13. I love this ! just wonderful:))

  14. So often your thoughts reflect themes I'm experiencing too... I was just thinking yesterday how blessed I am and how I LOVE Mondays! Mondays is one of my client days and they go so fast, especially if I can squeeze in some beach time. AND I have been thinking about how much STUFF I have and that it's time to let more of it go...

  15. Nothing could have been more encouraging for me at the moment! After a long self-debate, I have quit my job and will be free from July to do whatever I enjoy. Am still nervous about the decision though....but I don't want to continue doing what I don't enjoy anymore and I have never been keen on keeping up with the Jones' I guess I'll be fine and happier :) And yes....your painting is very cute. :)

  16. That's beautifully said! She is adorable and yes,everyone is a joy their own ways.
    Love it :)

  17. Hi Pauline, the illustration is beautiful and most beautiful of all is the line 'And you need far less than you think' . I cannot agree better. When I quit my damn well paid IT job in 2010 to follow my heart to carve a path in Art, I was so not sure of what I was doing. I just listned to my heart and asked my brain to shutup. I dont make a salary anymore and thankfully I have the good husband to take care of me but I have never been so happy ever before. I dont go shopping the amount I used to earlier and I realise, I dint need so much.

  18. Hey Pauline,
    I totally agree with you here. I work only part time now and see that you can still have the same lifestyle as before. Life is better now because I'm not working at a job I hate and I get to be home with my kids.
    The only thing I that has changed is that we have less money to spend on things. That's all I did with the extra cash was buy more.

    However, there are ways that you save money. Like in gas to and from work, buying work clothes, and lunches out.

  19. Great poem. Love the message! And you've got awesome artwork!! Thumbs up!