Sunday, April 19, 2015

over and around and under and out...

i love this quote by Anais Nin.
Exactly how i feel these days.
A bit of acrylic on paper.
i am in the habit
of turning things over while i paint
and in this case,
ended up keeping it turned over
when i spotted a figure that looked like a man to me.
So i painted a flower for him to admire.

You should never be afraid
to change things up as you paint.
Turn things over.
Paint over something you don't like.
Especially when you're painting something abstract.
Letting go is all part of the process.
Trusting your gut.
Following your intuition.
Not worrying about the final result.
I see a lot of overlapping
in the last few paintings I've done.
Overlapping and layers and things
that are intertwined.
 A bit like my life right now.
Working full time in a non creative environment...
painting and reading and writing every chance I get,
so that I don't lose touch
with who i am at the core.
A quick sketch (5 min) done with Chinese markers (white and black)
and Sharpie markers on tan paper.
It's so important for artists
and musicians, and poets, and writers
to surround themselves with
If Bob Dylan hung out with politicians...
businessmen in 3 piece suits -
i'm pretty certain the world would have missed out
on these beautiful lyrics:
You used to laugh about
Everybody that was hanging out
Now you don't talk so loud
Now you don't seem so proud
About having to be scrounging
for your next meal.
(Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone)
And beautiful songs and paintings
carry me so much further
than a boring business meeting does.
 I had so much fun doing this one...
And i even like the end result.
I'm getting better with balancing the reds
so that they don't feel overpowering to me.
I'm not sure what I see when i look at this
but what i REMEMBER is how much fun it was to paint.
What do you see...if anything?


  1. My 18-year old is listing to Bob Dylan these days - funny how his music makes the rounds with each subsequent generation.
    LOVE your 5-minute sketch - so much energy and "you" in a work that was finished in a small amount of time!

  2. balancing reds is tough and you are mastering it... I like your balance of images and words... you really are an artist with image and words together...always a joy

  3. seems so kind of you
    to paint a flower for the man
    wonderful that you balance what you love with the work you do
    and find joy in your lovely and playful art
    i so enjoyed seeing each piece
    thank you for your message
    on my other blog
    and for the quote and lyrics above

  4. I find the chinese markers on tan very striking. All of these are fun, but that one stands out to me...not sure why, but maybe I like seeing all the layers, all the strokes, all the parts to the whole exposed?

  5. Gorgeous pieces! Did you see Tommy Kane is using your portrait as part of his cool....I think it's a great honour!! It's my favorite and I often visit there to see the newer ones!! I love your art style no matter what you do!! Sure hope you see Spring soon!! Few more weeks to creative freedom!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Wonderful art, lines and colour here! The movement and the feeling make an impact on me. That last abstract piece has such a feeling of caring in it, a loving embrace, great pieces, thanks for all you share!

  7. And FUN is what I see Pauline. The last piece looks like a field of poppies on a bright sunny day- warm, vibrant and inviting when you know there's a glass of cool lemonade squeezed from zesty lemons waiting for you when you need it- love the blues with the reds and the yellows. Awesome!
    I needed to be reminded of 'trusting my gut'- so thank you. xx