Sunday, April 26, 2015

spring skies, writing & wonky art

Never work just for money or for power.
They won't save your soul
or help you sleep at night.
- Marian Wright Edelman
I just bought myself this new box of Crayolas.
Happiness = $5.00
I guess money does buy happiness. :)
This place will be far more fun
once the snow is gone. :)
We are all breathing a little easier
now that the ice has broken up on the bay.
It's taking all the energy I have these days
to do my job from 9 to 5,
and stay afloat with the rest of my life.
So the art is a little wonky.
And no, i am not on drugs
although sometimes,
I consider it. :)
Check out the half clouded sky.
You could literally see the clouds
come rolling in.
2 fisherman on the wharf...
acrylic and pencil on paper.
I like this one,
even if she looks a little sad.
Oh, and I'm just finishing an on-line course
with the lovely Christine Mason Miller
(a mindful approach to creating your book).
My head is swimming with thoughts & ideas
and i cannot wait to have time to myself,
to finally put pen to paper
in a way that doesn't feel rushed.
There was a chapter on rejection
and how there is rarely a writer out there
who has not been rejected.
I once read that Stephen King
had an entire wall covered in rejection slips.
J.K. Rowling had her Harry Potter book
rejected by several publishers
before ONE finally said yes.
Rejection doesn't just apply to writers.
It applies to life in general.
Divorce is rejection.
Losing a job is rejection.
Not getting a job.
Not making the team.
Not being selected for an art show.
Not being invited to the party.
Losing that connection with someone...
Dreams aren't made real
because rejections are avoided;
dreams are made real
because the dreamer keeps going
despite them.
- Christine Mason Miller

Wishing you all a soft Sunday.


  1. Lovely work and photos on your blog!!!

    Smiles from Belgium, Saskia :)

  2. Your art is great because it works as a destressor. I get it as my job too takes all my energy. This will pass and you will be able to get to haht book you want to create. Diane from PPF

  3. Love the wonky art - maybe it represents all the things you are stuffing down while at the job 9-5. Maybe this is an opportunity to let an artistic side out that wouldn't manifest itself if you weren't working. I admire that you always create through your difficult times! So happy for you that the snow is almost gone!

  4. The box of crayolas, the wonky art, the half naked sky, the girl who is growing within (for rejection is only a 'r' word used by the 'outsiders') and Christine's beautiful words have made this moment very very soft...loving it and loving you for posting it all. xx

  5. Beautiful post! I know exactly how it feels to be bombarded with ideas and need of creating and being rushed at the same time. So I try appreciate little gaps of time and be grateful for them. I try to focus my thoughts on positive side but it is not always easy. wishing us both more time to create. p.s I finished reading 'Lost and Found' I love it!!!! and I miss this story already! Big hugs to you!

  6. Wow you are just so inspirational!! I love that dog and face ...I loved doing that kind of fun and the grow girl is a adorable I love it but she is kind of sad!! Is it 12 days you have left...hope you find some solace after that!! Glad you are finally seeing the possibility of Spring weather too! So many bloggers had an air of depression from all the snow... I guess you just can`t understand it until you are completely bogged under!! Wishing you some happy creative hours in your days ahead!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Love,love,love the wonky line art/tangle! Great photos, too.