Friday, April 25, 2014

winter to spring

Power trucks.
Is there a more welcome sight
when you've been without power for 4 days?
It all seems a distant memory now
but it was only a few weeks ago... in March.
everything was crystallized the next morning...
 ...and the poor trees.
They took a beating from the freezing rain & snow.
We had to cut a few branches,
but they've bounced back since then.
now this feels better, doesn't it?
footprints in the sand...
sand that isn't completely frozen anymore!
 and the iced ocean slowly turning to water again...
This was taken at the Shediac wharf nearby...
a hotspot here during the summer months.
water - not ice.
Another welcome sight here come spring...
soon, this pier will be lined with fishermen & women...
and on those benches - hard core coffee drinkers. ;-)
And of course, there's always art.
a rough water-colour of a pinecone,
found in the back yard (after all the snow melted)
see the view outside?
very little snow left on the ground.
It's been a long fucking winter...
a few outlines with a brush marker 
and at first i thought i'd use the tiny dot technique to add shadow...
but then i added darker water-colour over the dots instead.
i seem to have less patience than i used to have
when i was younger. ;-)
a bit of writing, and a closeup
of this beautiful pinecone.
I'll be posting again later this weekend, probably Sunday.
There are things & ideas i wanna share with you
i am having so much fun so far,
although i knew i would before it even began.
It's basically all about making time to sketch, isn't it?
About recording a life.
Keeping little snippets of your life on paper...
about keeping an art journal
so that you remember this life later on.
At least for me, that's what it's about.
So i'll be back to this space
sometime during the weekend.

In the meantime,
be kind to one another.


  1. Sooo all that snow and ice and no power is exactly why I left the mountains of Idaho. LOL Love your painting.

  2. oh, I'm glad for you that the snow has finally gone! That has been a looooong winter! Love your pinecone and how you added the shadow.

  3. I love your beautiful pine cone and those photos from Winter to Spring, enjoy!

  4. Oh I love Ron Sexsmith...have you seen his documentary?... sadly he is so under rated...I need to pull a few of his cd's out again...

    So glad that no power nonsense is over!! A few days left for you! Wonderful pinecone...Love that you used your own thoughts on the page!! Happy Spring!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Oh Pauline I know too well that feeling of no power in the cold. And, yes it HAS been such a long winter. So glad it didn't take TOO long to get your power back. There is nothing like seeing a sandy beach, the ocean and a lighthouse. Wishing you warm and sunny days. And I love your pinecone illustration-really great!

  6. I have never been so happy for a winter to be over in my whole live-long life. Please say this is not the new norm.. seems like some kind of weather manipulations and we are the recipients of their dreaded experiments.
    Speaking from being without power for 7 days at Christmas and boiling ice hacked from snowbanks for drinking water, I totally sympathize with the weariness of the power outages. This winter was crazy.. Sure glad it's over. and glad you have your power back!!
    Love your pine cone!

  7. Pauline,

    A strange winter indeed, four days without lower I have never experienced, but a few hours I have in the middle of winter. Sitting with candles everywhere, piles of blankets and layers of clothing, I can't imagine having to do that for days on end. We have gone four a week without running water, when I water pipes have frozen up, and that is no fun. It is amazing how much we rely on water!

    I hope this winter is not the start of some weather trend. It has been a depressing winter and people all of the northern hemisphere have been feeling the effects and hare fed up with winter.

    Here in Alberta, Wednesday it was 25 degrees, but two days before that it rained and snowed, and now snow is threatening to come back again.

    Your poor trees, they are such a gift and it is sad when they have to fight for their lives through the winter. Your pine cone watercolour is a great tribute to that fight and your memories. I like the colours and your transparent shadow.

    Sand between my toes is what I would like to have too! Much better than lint from warm socks and winter boots!

    Take care! I liked seeing a bit of a peek of your art ramble and your view from it!

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have good weather and more happy sights by the sea!


  8. I love pinecones too, and I love your watercolour. Happy happy spring to YOU!

    Stephanie : )

  9. Thank you for sharing this story. It was so interesting to read and to look at the beautiful pictures. I love your pine cone!