Sunday, April 13, 2014

who's going to Tim's?

Hello people!
Anyone who knows Canada
knows this cup.
The perspective is really off,
but the coffee was good. ;-)
Lots of things happening around here lately
that seem to be getting in the way of painting,
but that's life, isn't it?
I'm taking little snippets of time whenever i can to paint,
even if it's only for 15 min sketch.
I finish working in early May
(more time for painting & blogging! Yay!)
and the snow is slowly disappearing,
so spring is in the air!
I cannot tell you what a long winter it's been.
Well, actually, i don't need to tell you,
since i've shared one too many storms with you here!
Not much art these days... 
too much work and too little play.
I just wanted to touch base with you all
and let you know i haven't forgotten you. 
I saw something on tv the other night
about the Atomic bomb
and it reminded me of this sketch i had done
a while ago.
A life is a life is a life.
And on a happier note,
i'm doing the SKETCHBOOK SKOOL class
with Danny Gregory, Koosje and the gang...
only a week in,
and already, it's been worth it.
Just loving it.
So inspiring.
Here's a little glimpse
of Danny painting his breakfast.
(Obviously, he has more willpower than I do
to be able to paint a bagel instead of eating it right away!)
Happy week everyone!
Be good to one another.
We're all we've got. ;-)


  1. Your illustrations are just lovely!
    Happy PPF :)

  2. Love your sketches and paintings - that couch looks too comfy. The domino grave stones gives me a pause to think about how fleeting life can be.

  3. At Tim's, I love the honey lemon tea with two sugar. I really enjoyed your daily paintings of real life things. Your comment on your atomic bomb illustration is so powerfully true and heartfelt. A life is a life, regardless of where we live. My heart goes out to all mothers who have lost their children in any way. I can't imagine the pain they have felt! Thanks for being open minded and tolerant!

  4. Pauline, What an amazing illustrator you are!!! Love your work!

  5. Your post always moves me. Love your "A Life is a life is a life".
    I've eyed the Sketchbook Skool class but didn't sign up for it. But I am taking a pattern design class instead. Thanks for sharing that video. It was definitely fun watching how Danny sketched and colored. Love to see some of your work from the class. Is there weekly assignments?

  6. Your work is amazing. And yes, that woman from Alabama that commented on the atomic bomb, doesn't quite get it.