Tuesday, November 19, 2013

how art and Leonard Cohen heal my heart

hello everyone...
I am not a big fan of social media
and neither is this little bird,
even with the tweets. ;-)
This past Sunday was a difficult day,
but when evening came,
along with it came relief
that day would soon turn to night
and night into a new morning.
During the early evening,
I found my way to the blue room,
and played with paints and paper for a while.
(a great remedy for a sad heart)

If i was a doctor,
this is what i would prescribe to patients.
Solitary time
in a room with a view,
pens, paper,
and a box of Crayolas.
Maybe some music.
And some wine. ;-)

was all over the place
with sketching and collaging and painting.
Like i had a thousand images in my head that wanted out...
Then i opened a book i had nearby
and landed on this page
and it was fucking poetic.
Don't you love it
when something comes together?
When you read something
or see something
or hear something
at what feels like exactly the right time?
Then i read this one...

What do i do?
i paint.
i write.
i listen to Leonard Cohen.
i count my blessings.
i see miracles in the every day.
Not in heaven,
but here.
In the every day.
i light a candle.
i pay attention to my breathing.
i walk along the ocean.
i read.
i remember.

i look at the moon & stars
and consider how minuscule i am
and how vast the universe is
and yet...
and yet.

(what do YOU do?)


  1. You really captured the feeling in the picture. Another great painting.

  2. Great quote by Hilary Stanton Zunin....so true. Great painting of Leonard Cohen. I listened to Take This Waltz whilst I read your post. As always, some wonderful advice for when times are hard emotionally and/or when dealing with loss. I know you must miss your Mum terribly. xo

  3. So sorry I missed your last two posts!! This is amazing and I will show Beardo as he loves Leonard as much as I do if not more! I'm not sure how I work through my grief... usually blast music and sometimes cry. In my car where it's private!!
    Sorry for these hard days... thankfully they eventually dissipate!! Gorgeous Artwork!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Another great post! You are so wise! Love your blog! :)