Monday, November 4, 2013

quick drawings and multi-colored underwear

hello out there!
a quick little drawing in my journal last night...
 pretty yucky, but i'm posting it anyway.
Art isn't always meant to be pretty. ;-)
then this little doodle,
after i heard this Rolling Stones song on the radio.
This is the image that came to mind.
 ...and then this popcorn one - just because. :-)

ok, now on to fun stuff....
a few weeks ago, i did a series of little watercolor portraits
of artists and writers that i find inspiring.
 i decided to do a little fold out ZINE and make copies...
 5 inspirational panels, all rolled into one!
For sale in my ETSY shop for $7...
Check it out here.
I'll definitely be doing more of these.
It was so much fun to do.

ok, i ordered these cards from MOO a while ago,
and can i just say how much i love them?
Well, you know i'm gonna say it anyway.
i love them.
i got 10 different designs
of my paintings or illustrations on each card
and the quality is amazing!
Nice and smooth, matt finish, thick cards,
the packaging is awesome...
i love them.
So now, whenever someone orders something from me on ETSY,
they'll be getting one of these little babies!
Wooo hoooo!!

Just in case you haven't noticed - music is a huge part of my life.
Depending on my mood
and the time of day
and what i'm painting -
my taste in music varies as much
as the color of my underwear. ;-)
Here's what i'm listening to today.

...another great Canadian - Gordon Lightfoot.
thanks for being here with me...


  1. Impressive glad you got a shop...good for you!! I have a friend who has ordered moos and I love them!! So thick and the color is accurate!! Lots of fun in your shop!! All the best on it!!! I just sent the link to Beardo with the Neil Young portrait on it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Love the doodles :)

    Moo cards are great, I have the mini ones and the quality is really good.

    The only thing I know about Gordon Lightfoot is Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (wonderful song). I'll have to go and investigate.

  3. i really like all your drawings. thanks for the good word about MOO…i've been considering using them to print some of my art. it's good to hear from a happy customer :)

  4. I love your little zine! It looks fantastic! I really like your tube of toothpaste too. It looks great to me. A weird thing to draw but why not? :)

  5. I like your journal sketch. These little drawings are always neat little pieces of art!

  6. Love that little zine Pauline! And your Moo-cards! I got mine too, they're great, aren't they! I meant to ask you before: where did you get that journal? I love the different quotes on there ....

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments!
    *Nigel: i'm impressed that you know the E Fitzgerald song by Lightfoot!
    *Denthe: the little journal was a gift from a good friend of mine. I think she got it at Chapters (book store). I love it too. :-)

  8. Love your lil "messy" drawing the most, because I am a fan of messy paintings ;) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  9. Hi Pauline. I'm loving seeing all the art you have been up to. The moo cards are great ... they could be framed and make a wonderful miniature all on their own.. Beautiful work all of it!!!