Tuesday, October 15, 2013

to be chosen, or not to be chosen...

hello everyone...

I've been writing more than making art these days.
Almost a year already since mom's been gone.
I'm still going through her things, slowly.

Found this little glass flower in a box.
The month of my birth.
I'm guessing mom wanted to give this to me.

Most of the things i find
make me smile
but the occasional find
makes me sad
that she is no longer here.
Sad that she suffered.
Sad that she still wanted to do
so much.

Without wanting to offend anyone,
it makes me cringe
whenever i hear someone say
"prayer works".
It didn't work for mom.
It didn't work for my friend Liz
who died at 50,
leaving two young & sad boys behind.
It doesn't work
for many of you out there,
who are suffering, one way or another.
Who are living difficult lives.
It just makes me sad
when we say these things
because it implies that prayer works for some
and not for others
and so it must mean
that the others didn't pray enough,
or to the right god,
or that god picks & chooses who he listens to.
Either way,
it's all nonsense to me.
To believe this divides us more than unites us.
Life is a cycle.
Good things happen
and bad things happen
regardless of how much
or how little you pray.
The strength you need
when darker days fall upon you
comes from LOVE
more than prayer.

Anyone who has seen the stars in the sky,
the sunset and the sunrise,
understands how sacred life is
and how this is all the prayer
one really needs.


  1. If I could give you a hug and a shoulder, and a cup of something hot, I would. I would listen...I am so sad for the loss of your mom and how much that hole in your heart hurts.

  2. ((((HUGS))))

    Stay inspired!

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  4. Prayer means many things to many people. I think I know what kind of 'prayer works' advice you are referring to. Let's be happy for the people who find answers and comfort that way, and don't let's allow them to make us feel unworthy. Let's practise the method that works for us. One of my best prayer methods is to focus on something that nature made, and get lost in the wonder of something so complex and organized. A truly magnificent creator must have been responsible for that, and I'm part of that creation!
    It follows that the same wonder also exists in my being. Another good method for me to deal with 'issues' is to create something with my hands while turning my focus inwards.

  5. sometimes I think the only true God (as well as many ancient peoples believed as Egyptians or Incas) is the Sun, because it is who actually causes life on earth. But surely the prayers are expressions of individual desire, that comforts to say them but the wind carried away, and the sound is lost. probably is not that some pray more, and some less, and some, pray to the right god, and others wrong
    maybe God is playing, and sometimes the tab falls in your locker, and sometimes not.
    I send you a kiss and a hug :)

  6. You put into words so many of my own thoughts. When I think I am the only one thinking this way I read your posts. Thank you.

  7. That's right Pauline, lots of love and compassion is what we all need, someone who listens, a gentle smile to lift your day. Little or big, any sign of kindness opens the door and shows us the way.
    Your mum must have been a very special lady, so lucky and blessed to have you.
    Hugs Kat xx