Thursday, October 3, 2013

it's a bird... it's a plane... WTF is it?

hello everyone!

Last night's painting session
on large poster size paper/bristol board.

Sometimes, i feel like using a larger format,
but i don't really know what i'll be painting
and i never want to waste large canvas
in case it ends up looking like crap.

So i use poster paper. :-)
i started out with finger painting...
again... my fingers
by this stage, i picked up the brush
birds in the forest...
but i hated the left side.
The orange, yellow, greenish part
that looks like there's a tree on fire.
So i decided to add white & texture.
I used a plastic hair curler thing -
one of the many tools i buy at the dollar store
specifically for art textures.
i also use sponges, 
or whatever else i have in the house at the time.
 filled in some spaces with turquoise, black, white...
a close up of the bird...
this was taken this morning,
in natural light.
and look! i added some red.

Making art is a lot about daring to get away 
from our comfort zone, isn't it?

We're tempted to stay
where it's familiar
where we know exactly which color to use,
or which shape to draw.
There's nothing wrong with doing this,
but if you stick with doing this too long,
I believe the art becomes stagnant.

It's good to feel scared when making art.
It's good to not always like what you see.
It's good to give ourselves permission to make bad art.
To use unfamiliar colors.
To make a mess.

It's in the MAKING that the magic occurs.

I read a story somewhere about a woman
who was asked by her psychologist to draw something really bad...
to make him a really crappy drawing.

She froze, starring at the blank piece of paper in front of her,
afraid that her drawing wouldn't be bad enough.
(need i tell you that she was a perfectionist?)

So if you want to create something,
but you're afraid it won't measure up...
give yourself permission to suck.
Give yourself permission to make it really bad.

But make it anyway.
You'll be happy you did.

Your heart will be happy too.


  1. Very cool - I need more work on being free in painting - you inspire me that way!! Love your tiny touches of red!

  2. GORGEOUS painting!!!!!!!!
    and i love your process + showing how such dribbles of color + seeming mess turns into a masterpiece! XOX

  3. This is absolutely GORGEOUS Pauline! Thank you for sharing the process with us. Love the bright colors!!

    Have a great day!

  4. So Cool! Love the hair curler technique :)

  5. Well said! And I just love seeing the steps that took you to this fabulous painting!! Happy PPF!

  6. Wonderful! The colors and shapes are just great, I love them!

  7. I like that you can do these free expressive works and then change gear to your amazing portraits and things... simply wonderful... xx

  8. How fun it was to scroll through and see how your painting emerged! Wonderful and full of energy!

  9. I love how this piece turned out.Great advice my dear...I needed it. As always you NEVER disappoint!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Dramatically beautiful, colourful and spontaneous.!

  11. Pauline I love all the messy stages of your painting and the tools you use, it is just what I like to do!

    As I play around a lot with my artworks I often feel I don't know where my comfort zone is, things don't tend to scare me. Maybe I need to be more aware of my feelings reactions, when I paint.

    Hugs Ilona

  12. I am always amazed at how, from mere scrubbings and scratchings and finger spreading you produce such fantastic pieces of artwork. It is so great watching it develop into such an unusual piece. I wish I could be freer, I keep trying but it still eludes me, and you are an inspiration.
    So you might well have designed your words to speak directly to me! I shall take note of them, and pin up on my board "I have permission to create something really bad!". Thanks Pauline.

  13. Great painting, love it! Fun seeing the process, thank you for sharing! <3

  14. wow your painting turned out brilliantly, thank you for sharing the process. Happy PPF, Annette x

  15. Wow!! I can't believe something so amazing came from that finger painting. How absolutely cool! gorgeous artwork :)

  16. How Gorgeous. Brilliant creation..powerful energy...beautifully expressive..I love the vibrancy and life shining through your works!So sublime...I have enjoyed journeying through your creative realm...fantastic!
    Victoria( pencil and wing)
    Happy PPF!

  17. Love your courage! Willingness to enter the unknown and see what happens. The end result is surprisingly lovely! Fun to see the steps on the way. Thanks for sharing - I'll sure to be back for some more inspiration!

  18. Wow!! I enjoyed seeing this painting come to life. Love the red!! ;)

  19. Love this piece Pauline! Fabulous colours, organic shapes, bright energy. xx

  20. Wow! I just loved seeing the transformation of this painting from start to finish. Gorgeous, and such an amazing lesson about learning to work with messes. I think I need to take that to heart right now in my own illustration work! X Jane

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