Saturday, October 12, 2013

how rhythm makes everything good again...

In the beginning was noise.
And noise begat rhythm.
And rhythm begat everything else.
- Mickey Hart
I went for a nice walk this morning in the crisp fall air.

Sometimes, i lose my own rhythm
and before i know it,
a week has passed without morning walks
and i feel totally out of synch with everything.
Life takes over sometimes
and then it's up to each one of us
to find our own happy place again.

Nature is one of my happy places.
 Art in my blue room is another... :-)
I'm working on illustrations for a little book about Valentines.
A very young and creative relative of mine wrote a cute little story
and I'm putting together a little book for her.

(If any of my relatives are reading this,
PLEASE don't say a word. It's a surprise for her...)
I had fun doing these...
good and bad cupid. 
I'll post the little book once it's done.
forgive me if i've posted this before,
but i just love these illustrations by David Shannon.
From this book...
(its original title is probably "No David!")

i love how the illustrations tell the story.
you just know by seeing this
that it's about a little boy who gets into mischief...
this one always cracks me up...
When i grow up,
i wanna do these kinds of illustrations.
or this kind...
is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
Check out the slippers...and the mouse pillow!
Such imagination.
and just by looking at this,
can't you tell she might be bossy?!
The best part of doing illustrations for a book (to me)
is reading the story the first time
and sketching out the images
that first come to mind.
Of course, rendering the illustrations is fun too...
So while i'm busy doing things for others,
and living my life,
I'm also trying to carve little bits of time
for my own book.
It's overwhelming - but exciting.

Nigel had great advice for me on one of his comments...
"stop thinking about it and just do it".
Yes Nigel. Thank you.
I can think things to death.
(have you noticed?)
I'm comforted when i see things like this.
I hardly ever feel in complete control.
(it's a good thing, right?)

Wishing you all a great weekend.
And to those who celebrate...
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Me too..... I want to illustrate like that! Some of my older way older digital illustrations are fun... however the ones I draw by hand are quite boring... so YOU have inspired me to go back and look at my fun ones! Yours are amazing...I am so excited for you doing the book for a relative and doing your own!! Just do it!! Don't SABOTAGE it by taking on too many new things or listening to the gremlin within...You are AMAZING!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Nigel is so wise. In fact between the two of you I don't need to go anywhere else when I'm looking for wisdom. :) Glad your book's coming along. xxx

  3. Love this post. Your illustratons are so cute.

  4. I hope one day to finish the illustrations I started in an ABC book for my first grandchild. When I started, that was WAY off, but now, its creepy up on me. Great work.

  5. I love your whimsical illustrations, especially the cupids. Blessings!

  6. Wonderful illustrations, fun and cute! <3

  7. Blimey! Two compliments in one post! Any more of that and I'll need the doors widening :)

    The cupid illustrations are great. As for your book - hurry up, we're all sat hear with bated breath waiting for it :)
    (no pressure then :p)