Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Illustration Friday: OCEAN

Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.
- Ryunosuke Satoro

Illustration Friday:  OCEAN

I did this painting about 4 years ago, for a fundraiser.
It's called: Joel's wave.

It's the one painting I gave away with regret.

Maybe i'll have to paint myself another ocean soon... :-)

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i love creative people. xox


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Pauline. Even though you're feeling pangs of regret for having given it away, it's still a wonderful thing you did - as it was for a fund-raising event. It's gone to a loving home and is adorning that person's wall, and giving pleasure to all who see it.

    Paintings - like any creative expression - are what Joseph Campbell used to call his books, once they were published and given to the world. He called them his 'non-earthly children.' I like that idea. A lot. So many paintings or plaques or even poems I've written - if not all of them at some stage - feel like my 'creative babies,' my non-earthly children. They were loved when I had them, and I take comfort in the thought that they are bringing joy to the person or people who 'adopted' them and are now taking care of them for me.

    Although I always come back again and again for regular visits, as you've a beautiful way with words, and with colour and paints, I've missed leaving comments on your blog, Pauline. Forgive me for that. Lots of 'stuff' going on here, and a constant lack of time (and poor management of that time - which has been one of my new year's resolutions to 'fix.')

    I agree with your alternative plan of making another painting of the ocean. It'll be 'Pauline's Ocean,' perhaps :)

  2. Such a beautiful painting of the ocean and the wave, the overall shades of blue and the white 'shock' of the wave, then the piece of shoreline at the bottom right to 'anchor' the painting.
    And it has a Japanese feeling to it, very Hokusai.

  3. Such a beautiful painting of the ocean, Pauline! :]
    YES!! You should, when the moment strikes you... paint an ocean. ~xx

  4. June: i'm sending you an email soon...
    Jez: such a compliment you're giving me! ((hugs)) xox
    Michelle: always nice to see you here. :-)
    April: you are always so kind and inspiring... xox

  5. Beautiful painting, somehow managing to be serene and energetic at the same time.
    I also have a habit of giving art away (normally with no regrets). It gives me room to create more, and hopefully gives somebody a lift :)


  6. It's a beautiful painting! -X- Inge :)

  7. Wow, such a stunning piece Pauline. I have a definite case of wave envy!