Wednesday, January 2, 2013

post Christmas or post snowstorm blues?

hi everyone!
Happy New Year!
Christmas may be over with,
but our tree is still up.

I've come to the conclusion
that i may be lazy. ;-)

So we've had 2 snowstorms since Christmas.

You know it's gonna be a long day when it's the beginning of the storm
and this is what you see when you open the door. 

Welcome to eastern Canada... :-)

My son and his girlfriend, making a snowman.

Living in the Maritimes means you either learn to find things to do in the snow
(for at least 4 months a year)
or you go insane.

Many choose to go insane. ;-)

Putting the finishing touches on Mr. Snowman.

The day after, when things had calmed down...

I've been a little scattered lately,
having a harder time focusing my attention on one thing.

I normally love the period between Christmas and New Year...
a wonderfully quiet and creative week for me.

But this year felt a little more lonely somehow - 
and less creative.

To be expected, i guess...

I'm not big on drama, so whenever i feel like things are
a little too heavy,
i go for a nice long walk in the cold
or i put on some great music,
or have a glass of wine,
and if i feel like i can carry the weight,
i just sit with the heaviness for a while
until it feels like it has something to say
and then i write about it.

I never let myself get too down for too long.

Life is just too damn precious for that.

Oh, and for the record - i no longer pray.

This holiday season was so different in so many ways for me...

i wanted to send you ALL individual greetings (before Dec 25!)
to let you know how much i've appreciated having each and every one of you here during the past year.

I didn't manage to do this, so i'm telling you all now.


For being here,
for reading my rants,
for taking the time to comment, 
for sharing your stories,
for making me feel like MY stories matter.

I wish you all a year of sparkles and rainbows
and maybe even the occasional unicorn! ;-)



  1. Insane. Yes. I am going there and winter is just beginning........

  2. Pretty tree and snow! We just discussed whether to dismantle ours. Although we should, we're enjoying it way too much. It may be after Ukrainian Christmas on the 7th that we tackle it, like my mom always did!

    Nothing says winter more, than kids building a snowman!!

    Your art is always a blessing...but today it feels sad. I am hoping you find happy moments and creative solace in this New Year!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. The new year is always a tricky time. Anticipation for the new, exhaustion from the old..not always easy. I love all of your beautiful snow! After 23 years back in Victoria I'm still not used to grey, drizzly winters. I'm sure I'm romanticizing the snow a bit... ;-) Thank YOU for all of your support and for sharing your beautiful gifts with us. I hope 2013 is a gentle and loving year for you. xx

  4. Lovely thoughts to start the year. Thank you for all the inspiring posts during the year, and your thoughtful comments on my blog. Let us all hope this can be a year of a little more peace in the world. (Now I sound as though I'm practising for Miss World!). All best wishes to you and yours in 2013. XX

  5. Brrr... that looks cold, Pauline!
    I wish you the best for the New Year. ~xx
    Be good to yourself, gentle to your thoughts, and let the quite comfort you.
    CHEERS! To art and friendship. :]

  6. I live in such hot weather, the sun keeps shining and shining, that seeing your snow is sooo cool! much of white paint!
    Your stories do matter and keep writing!
    Thank you for the snowman!
    Happy 2013 to you.

  7. Oh all that lovely snow, it looks wonderful and such fun! We're lucky if we get a sprinkling, it's just so magical when the world turns white. Take it easy Pauline, you've been through a lot and need easy quiet time. Best wishes to you! xx

  8. Hi, Pauline, each Christmas and each New Year are diferent from the others
    this give sence to our lives,
    each new year, we started with new ideas, new proposals, new challenges.

    Have a nice and wonderful 2013!

    I can not believe there is so much snow at Christmas, you know it's summer here, ¡puf, very hot! :)

  9. I loved your beautiful pictures of snow. It was fun to appreciate it from afar knowing I don't have to shovel anymore.

    This is an interesting time of year. I think you have a wonderful way of handling all that has happened in your life this year. It is obvious that you know what is important in your life.

    Your tree is beautiful. I just put up a small one but I am enjoying it so it may stay up for awhile. One year I left mine up until almost Easter. As I was coming home, I caught my neighbors getting ready to sneak in the house and turn it into an Easter tree. It is something we still laugh about. My tree won't be up that long, but definitely for a little longer.

  10. J'habite en Auvergne ,en France ,j'aime votre blog et les belles choses que vous créez .J'utilise la traduction pour mieux comprendre les textes .Bonne année à vous