Tuesday, January 29, 2013

always toward the light

hey people!
i had so much fun doing this collage earlier today.
Sometimes i think art is an escape from reality,
and other times, i think of it as moving towards
something bigger than me
rather than away from reality.
I guess it means different things to different people
but don't you love it when things just come together
and it all feels right?
god knows it doesn't always feel right.
but today was a good day.
i even decided she would wear cowboy boots with tiny spurs.
You can't see them much, but they're there.

it's all in the details... (giggle)
and then a few little words.
I read somewhere that all living beings
gravitate toward the light...
Well - except mushrooms i guess...
and the grumpy old guy downtown. :-)

Just a quick note to all of you...
I've had to limit commenting on blogs lately,
only because i was spending more time on-line
than actually creating something.
Making art.

This damn social media can quickly eat up 
a lot of hours in the day
and I don't want to become a zombie
in order to be social
with the whole fucking world.
Besides - i don't want to be social with everyone.

Only with those of you who are here with me. :-)

So i just wanted you all to know that even if
i comment a little less on your posts lately,
i'm still reading them.

I'm still laughing
and sighing
and admiring
and oooo-ing and aaaaah-ing

So keep creating and posting, ok?

Linking this to Illustration Friday! 


  1. I can totally picture you smiling as you added tiny spurs to her boots - I know it made me smile!

  2. LOVE this! :)

    No worries re. commenting. I have the same problem as I spend way too much time reading blogs when I could be creating or sketching. I need to limit my time online, me thinks.

    Have a lovely week! xx

  3. Hi, Pauline!
    I like. Thanks for showing the work in progress. I love to see how the work of an artist is evolving!

  4. I always love seeing the progress of your pictures/paintings/art. It's amazing to see the transformation. And I know what you mean about social media. It sucks up so much time if you let it. I've put myself on a strict "social media-diet"....

    1. Pauline , this is gorgeous and thanks for showing the progression! I love the colors as well as the message! just wonderful.
      I couldn't agree with you more about social media. It's just too freaking much. I found myself getting sucked in to joining up on Vine yesterday because it looked like everyone on Instagram doing so. Then after posting about it on Instagram a friend commented and said something like 'really?are kidding? another thing to do?' And it dawned on me, I'm on about five different media thingys! No wonder I don't get much art done! And now I see your comments here. I think the universe is trying to tell me something! THANK YOUy friend for speaking loudly in my ear. Thanks as well for giving my eyes something beautiful to see!

  5. It's funny that a year ago I didn't know where to find blogs and now they are really all I read. Loving your work and thoughts.

  6. I hear and see snippets of joy here!! Wonderful paint/collage...lots of fun!! Glad to see you enjoying life!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Super beautiful..your joyful spirit is shining through this piece..wonderful..and uplifting!

  8. I love this collage! So alive and colorful. I agree about the social media thing. I try to go online either early in the AM with my coffee or at night when I would be watching TV anyway. Another waste of time! LOL It is amazing that we get anything done.

  9. Lovely collage, Pauline!
    Such an incredible statement too... keep "arting" away, no worries. ~xx

  10. hello dear pauline,
    to the light indeed
    (i love her dress!)
    + yes! here's to
    asserting the time
    for creating.
    i am with you!

  11. Thanks for the peek into your process! Like this one a lot.

  12. Love your collage Pauline. She's just delightful and, as always, I love the message of your post. I hear ya about commenting. Even trying to catch up on weekends is becoming difficult. I thank you for your kind and lovely comment last week xx