Wednesday, April 11, 2012

moon woman

Do you ever feel so connected to everything
that you could just reach out 
and touch the moon?

This started out as a watercolor
but i changed my mind rather quickly
and decided it needed bolder colors.

Especially for the moon and stars...

I had sketched this quickly
after a long evening walk
during the last full moon,
knowing that it would eventually
make it to my journal.

...there's just something about the moon
and a star filled sky,

isn't there?

A bit of added outline & detail
and yes, dots.

I don't have long flowing hair,
and her boobs are far more perfect than mine ;-)

and yet - I am a woman.

I am she
and she is me
and on this night
we both reached out

and touched the moon.


  1. After reading your words and seeing your painting, I realized that it is this strong sense of connection that I am seeking.
    Thank you for sharing this today. It is just what I needed to see.

    I really like the painting when you added the bold colors. It is such a strong painting and I loved it's message!

  2. Well, looks like I'm glad you found me, since then I found you :) Love your work and this piece is breath taking! Your words are inspiring as well. Did you end up using acrylics? Love the bold colours!

  3. LOVE this! You always amaze me. I am looking forward to seeing your sketchbook soon either this coming weekend or next weekend. I'll let you know and plan to blog about it. :)

  4. You just left a lovely comment on my blog about seeing things and making art and that is true also about feeling connected and making is all just what art is about.
    This is a wonderful painting and I also love to watch the moon though I normally keep my clothes on as it is cool here at night:)

    I have just been sky gazing as the clouds in our sky today are unbelievable....colour, dynamism and beauty....just breathtaking.
    I want to paint clouds. It's a wonder I made it home as I was drivinhg at the time:)

  5. Wow Pauline! your work always blows me away.. (I was watching the moon the other night.. It is always captivating and I never tire of it)
    The lines you use are so flowing and natural feeling.. and wonderfully expressive.. You are a Dynamo!!!

  6. I love this! So lush and growthy/new lifey somehow. And yes, there must always be dots. x

  7. Pauline, your pieces and your thoughtful posts get me every time. I so admire your ability to express yourself so incredibly well in so many mediums. xx

  8. This is such a strong yet sensitive painting. Deepening the colours really intensifies the overall picture. I love the "rooted" feeling created while being able to reach the moon.

  9. Hello Pauline, I loved how you took us through this journal experience with you, and the power in her reaching to the moon, it is so magnetic!

  10. I really feel a strong connection to this painting. Moon energy is so powerful. It is always wonderful to witness your work's development as well.

  11. ((SIGH))... such loveliness.
    This is a keeper. :]
    I can feel the "energy" from this piece, great work Pauline.