Friday, May 6, 2016

where did April go?

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. 
- Charles Dickens
The weekend is finally here.
My heart's a little heavy
with Mother's Day
just around the corner
and thoughts of all those people
in Fort McMurray (Alberta)
trying to escape the wildfires...
but i'm writing anyway.
These are the times
when writing is most important.
We so often hear
that material things don't matter -
but i can't help but think
of the things I treasure in my own home...
my photographs
and writings
and books
and paintings
and gifts my son made me
when he was in kindergarten
(yes, i still have them)
and letters and cards
from people I love.
I can't imagine losing
so many precious things
and the burden of
starting all over again
without anything that ties you
to who you were before the fire
except memories.
The past few weeks
have flown by for me
and the past few days
have been a bit of a blur.
It's a good thing I guess,
because that means July will be here soon
and I'll be done at work
and back to my drawing room
surrounded by things
that make me feel like me.
I am not practicing 
what I preach these days.
I'm the one who talks all the time
about the importance of making art
every day
and honestly,
i have not been living up
to my own words.

It's difficult these days
not only to find the time to paint
but to feel inspired to paint.
I sat in my blue room a few times,
shuffling paper here and there
and making a few scribbles.
I never force myself
to do much of anything.
I sometimes sit in my blue room
and while I may not make
a work of art,
if I spend 20 or 30 minutes
scribbling or doodling or sketching -
it was at least 30 minutes of
creative 'something'.
Creative 'something' is always better
than creative 'nothing'.
But oh, how I look forward to those nights
where it feels like my muse is dancing with me
in this little room of mine.
Doesn't this open seashell in the sand
look like an open heart?
or a little white hairdo? :)
Yoga is still part of my day,
although I've missed it a few days now.
I'm happy the weekend is here
so i can catch up with yoga
and painting
and just being here.
i liked doing this oil pastel
abstract leaf drawing...
And on one of those nights
where i didn't feel particularly creative,
I sat for a bit,
picked 2 sketchbooks 
and 2 acrylic colors,
and just put color on the pages.
The paint tube was just in front of me
so i did this quick little sketch
with chinese markers (black & white)
Then with the other page,
i scribbled this,
again, with chinese markers.
I like this one.
Not much of anything,
but one could say it looks like
trees lining a road...
right? ;)
A little sketch
on a different night,
of dad's van.
Yes, my father is 81 years old,
and he bought himself a hippie van.
Welcome to the funny farm. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great pieces today. Love the sketches and paintings :) Erika

  2. Great art. Love the yellov leaves on the road.
    Happy weekend !

  3. What a great speak how most Canadians feel...I am so proud to be Canadian right now! My daughter is glued to the feeds reading all the amazing stories of heroes and helpers! It's lightens the pain we feel for the losses. So many tears this week.

    Love the birdie, leaf and van... I guess it was on your dads bucket list!! Good for him if that's what he wanted! Honour your creative lull for after the lull seems to come great things! Hopefully July will be your special month. Happy Mothers day and don't forget to watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Wonderfully expressed post with beautiful art and gorgeous beach photos!
    Thank you fo rsharing. Happy PPF and happy Mother's Day too!

  5. TWe are watching such harrowing news items about the Canadian fire this week, but I was discussing them with my son. Making choices of what we would take with us in such a nightmare. It was surprising just how you change your ideas on what would be precious in times like that. I know there'll be amazing heart-warming stories of loss and heroism as there always are at times like these. I just hope they are able to stay safe and rebuild as soon as it's safe to do so.
    Great artwork and photos. I did see an open heart on the beach.
    I hope you get the opportunity to create and enjoy your space.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy PPF to you.

  6. Love your paintings and drawings on the brown paper, it gives them such a warm glow. And hurray for your dad buying an orange hippie van. I love it when people "of a certain age" still do "crazy" things like that :-)

  7. Hey Pauline. Hope you managed yoga and painting this weekend.
    It's Monday morning here and I'm supposed to get some housework done, but I've managed to escape:) Love reading your posts.
    Hugs to you for Mother's Day.
    That open shell looks like a pair of giggling or canoodling swans to me:)

  8. What a lovely way to start my day reading your post with my cup of green tea !!
    You always feed me with food for thought , we don't always have our priorities straight. Your dad is living his life and that's ok. Have a nice day , my friend !!