Sunday, May 22, 2016

sea, sand and sky

Just a few recent photos
and words that I wrote back in 2008...
that still speak truth to me today.
I sit here
and watch the birds in flight
gracefully balancing themselves in space
against the strong, ferocious wind.
And I see freedom.
I watch as they wash
their snow white feathers
and glide with open wings on the wind
catching small fish as they are
rocked by the crashing waves.
There is a seagull close to me,
with both feet in a small puddle,
the wind ruffling his feathers
and he stands, and looks at me.
Like he wonders why I am here
on his turf, in his territory.
He is aware of me.
He slowly approaches with tiny bird steps.
He is alert
and every move I make is noticed.
This is life.
This is the point.
The connections.
The awareness.
The wind, the sea, the sky...
We complicate it so
by overlooking what really matters.
We concern ourselves too much
with money and things 
when they bring no riches
to the heart.
The birds and the ocean do.


  1. There is always such beauty in the art of your words! Thanks for sharing your truth so wonderfully!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I always love pictures of beaches!!! Beautiful and so peaceful ♥