Sunday, April 17, 2016

finding time and Milton Glaser

hello everyone!
Here we are, 8pm on a Sunday night -
and I am in weekend mode
as long as I can stretch it. :)
The weather was beautiful today...
sunny and about 18C (65F)
which is nicer than it's been in a while.
No more snow at least
and the days are getting longer & warmer.
I sat outside today
with a coffee and a good book
and stayed there till late afternoon.
I washed some clothes
and hung them outside -
something my grandmother loved to do,
and my mother loved to do,
and now I love to do.
Then I made spaghetti sauce
so i didn't spend the entire day
on my ass
but i could have, easily. :)
I've felt this strange distance
from drawing these days.
When I do draw, it's done quickly
and with less patience it seems.
I've been writing a bit more than drawing
but even that - I am finding little time for these days.
Whenever I start working again,
it always takes me a little while
to adjust & find my groove.
To feel like myself again.
I always feel lost in those
first few days/weeks.
I usually paint a lot less
and write a lot more.
Then I start squeezing in a sketch
here and there
and by the time week 4 or 5 rolls in,
i'm doing what makes me happy
at least some of the time
during the course of a day.
It is difficult for me
to be in a social setting all day,
where there is rarely a quiet hour
during the day.
Sometimes, I get home
and i feel exhausted.
Like I've physically worked hard all day.
Being around people who talk a lot
(and usually say little)
drains my energy.
So that's when things like
or books
or a hot bath
or mint tea
or a nice walk
or a good Netflix movie
come in handy.
All of these things
save my sanity
and honestly -
compared to last year at this time,
i am in good shape.
We're not always able
to find what fuels us
and some of us know what we need
but it's just not attainable
for whatever reason
when we most need it.
My heart goes out to those people.
Those who run on adrenaline.
Or on fumes.
Neither is good
and if you are one of those people,
know that there are better days ahead.
Mom came from a family
of 13 children.
There had to be many moments
in my grandmother's life
where she was in desperate need
of a hot bath
or a quiet cup of tea
or an afternoon nap -
and she instead
had to feed the children
or bake bread
or mend the torn 
and tattered clothing.
I am in awe of such women.
Me, mom, and my sick little brother Ricky.
I was about 5 or 6. 

On another note,
I picked up this cute little book
the other day at the 2nd hand book store.
I am a sucker for books with visuals. :)
 This little doodle/logo page
brought me back to my college days 
when i studied graphic design.
I am more grateful now than ever
that I chose this for my career.
We don't often think of it,
but we are surrounded with art & design.
Book covers.
The newspaper.
Your furniture.
Your fridge.
Your car.
Your clothes.
A good designer knows
that it's not only about how it looks,
but it's about what it communicates
and how it makes you feel.
Here's little video (6 min)
on one of my favorite designers,
Milton Glaser -
about art
and design
and love of life.
Happy week everyone!
Thanks for being here.


  1. Hi Pauline,

    Your posts always resonate with me in some way. I love your artwork/sketches.

    For me, I go through stages where my general life distracts me from my sketching/art for sometimes longer periods than I would like. After a long break, it can be tough to pick up a pen and draw again. It's like I've lost all confidence in my ability. Seeing art around me in some of the everyday things you mentioned are a part of what helps me to find my way back, if that makes sense. During the stagnant times, they keep my inner yearnings to sketch/paint alive.

    I'm very visual too...LOVE my books, especially the illustrated ones.
    Inspiring video of Milton Glaser. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a beautiful week. xx

  2. You ALWAYS inspire me. Your quiet life of substance, your mind of such depth needs always be shared. Love the sketch of mom and the video. I'm not good at small talk. I hear you about those energy vampires..oh my goodness. No wonder you are drained. However I hear hope in your words. I feel you are one who always needs to regenerate by reading and learning. Much like me.

    No one can every call you boring this is for sure! Thanks for sharing your interesting self!! You are so adorable in that photo, your mother looks pensive...but she too probably had a very busy inner world as well!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I just love your blog. It inspires and calms me down always! Thank you for you!